This page features some of my recent candid wedding photography blog posts.  You can get an idea right away by looking at these posts of how I shoot weddings.

I always want my clients to remember their wedding, not remember the time spent with the photographer and it is my passion that my clients receive candid wedding photography that genuinely tells the story of their wedding.

You can read more about my candid wedding photography style of course, and please do explore the site fully.  There is a lot of work I’m very proud of and I hope that you enjoy what you see.

Of course, even though I’m a documentary photographer, this doesn’t mean that I won’t capture those key details such as table decorations and I’ll happily shoot a small amount of formal shots too (if you wish to have them).

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Remember this is just a very small selection of weddings on my website.

My Wedding Blog has many more recent weddings and wedding photography posts