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Wedding Photographer Kevin Mullins

I’m a Wedding Photographer working throughout the UK, Europe and beyond and I tell stories through pictures

Before you begin, please sit back, turn the sound up and enjoy the short photo film below:

Wow! Not really sure where to start…..We had high expectations for how these photographs would turn out but really, these have blown us away! Totally amazed at how intimate these shots are and yet so many of our guests thought that we didn’t have a professional photographer there. ….so, so impressed.

– Gemma

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Hello.  I’m Kevin and I’m a multi-award winning wedding photographer, based in Wiltshire, UK, but shooting weddings right across the UK, Europe and beyond.

Above all, I specialise in telling stories, through pictures, of your wedding and I promise not to make you say cheese, not to boss you around or in fact direct you in any way.

Therefore, the style of wedding photography I shoot is known as documentary wedding photography or reportage wedding photography.


Maybe it’s a cliché, but I am actually passionate about photographing weddings authentically, without any interaction at all.

If your idea of “wedding hell” is the traditional bossy photographer and huge amounts of staged, boring group shots then I think I may have just the thing for you.

Please explore this site (start with the Wedding Photofilm above) and then, when you are ready, take a look at my wedding portfolioblog and featured weddings.

Documentary Wedding Photographer

A documentary wedding photographer should be all about telling a story.

It’s about weaving the images together to tell the tale of your wedding day.

Therefore, you may look at my wedding photography on this website and see that my work is somewhat different from “the traditional wedding photographer”.

This genre of photography has several different names; wedding photojournalism, documentary wedding photography and reportage wedding photography.

Additionally, I don’t believe there is any difference between the three names generally, apart from, perhaps, what the bridal magazines see as the fashionable way to describe natural, storytelling wedding photography.

  • I’m discreet and unobtrusive
  • I absolutely won’t take over your day
  • Essentially I’m a guest at your wedding
  • My style is completely candid
  • I use only the best albums and providers
  • I Hope you like my pictures & I’d love to shoot your wedding
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Like what you see so far?

So, if you want to see more, and you’ve checked out the blog and the portfolio, then I’d love you to look at my ongoing series where I discuss some of my personal favourite images from recent weddings.

You spend a lot of money and time planning your wedding.

Additionally, I believe that as the bride and groom you should be able to spend your day with your friends and family.

Similarly, my promise as your wedding photographer is to allow that to happen.

In addition, as a Wedding Photographer, I have over ten years of experience, shooting nearly 500 weddings

Also, I’m very proud of the fact that every single one of my weddings has delivered an honest, true and beautiful set of storytelling images.

I am an official Fujifilm Ambassador wedding photographer that photographs honestly, without any reliance on filters, bulky lighting systems or assistants.

Probably you’ll not even notice I was there.

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I want your Wedding Photographs to become a Family Heirloom.

These wedding photos are not just for you, but for your children and your children’s children.

Therefore, I want to photograph your wedding and deliver images from the perspective of one of your guests.  I’ll blend in, observe and be the curator of your wedding day memories.

As a result, you will get pictures that take you right back to that moment in time and I do that by being a part of your wedding using small cameras and being as discreet as possible.

Don’t forget to also take a look at some of my featured weddings and you may also be interested in my notes on black and white wedding photography.

Also, You may also want to check out my “Why I Love These Pictures” series; in this series, I take individual pictures from recent weddings and explain why I took the image and what it means to me, as the photographer.

P.S Have you seen my new portfolio page?

It’s been updated for 2019 with new images, complete weddings and photofilms. I’d love you to take a look.

wedding photographer kevin mullinsScottish wedding

A wedding to me is an event that should be documented quietly and authentically.

Whenever I’m present at a wedding, I see it as a privilege but also as my responsibility to be the curator of memories for the bride and groom.

The pictures I make for people at their wedding are not just for them.

They are also for their children and their children’s children.

Therefore, my approach and philosophy to photographing weddings are as a storyteller.

I want my clients to look at their wedding images and remember the exact moment in time.

I have no intervention with the images.

Therefore, each and every single image on this website is a real moment in time; a moment that has happened without any direction or guidance from me, the photographer.

Finally, even though I have no interaction with the moment in the photographs, I am still bound by the core principles of good photography;

Notably the understanding of light, composition and moment.

Also, I believe that first and foremost I am an observer at a wedding.

Anybody can press the shutter button on a camera.

But only the person behind the lens can see what they are seeing.

My ultimate goal is to tell the true story of my clients day through beautiful, emotion-filled photography that is an authentic documentary of their wedding.

wedding group shot

Hi Kevin

We are over the moon with the photos.

There are so many great emotional moments captured, which is why we chose you as our photographer in the first place, so we’re really just so pleased with what you’ve done!

Thank you again for the fantastic images.

– Dan & Kitty