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Birth Photography: Caesarean

I’m not particularly good with words, and perhaps that’s why I’ve ended up documenting some of the most important aspects of peoples lives photographically, as a wedding photographer.

I class myself as an observer of people really, and I’m fascinated by human interaction; the way that we, as a species, deal with each other, our emotions, our humour, our sadness even.  When I’m photographing weddings it’s that that is going through my mind.  I like to photograph touch, eye contact, humour etc.  I think each of these (and more, of course) can make an image.

My clients often tell me that I seem to capture the very essence of people’s personalities, and of that, I’m very proud.  Outside of wedding photography, I spend a lot of time shooting on the streets and shooting social documentaries.  Not necessarily for commercial gain, but, to be totally honest, because I enjoy it.  I enjoy photography and I enjoy people watching.

When Agata and Robert approached me to see if I would document perhaps the most precious of moments; the birth photography of their daughter, I, of course, jumped at the chance.

Agata is a very accomplished lifestyle photographer herself (check her site out, she’s awesome) and I was honoured and humbled really I guess to be there when their beautiful baby girl, Maja made her entrance to this world.

Below is a slideshow of the story of Maja’s birth.  It’s best to view full screen, with the sound up a little. I hope you like it. Below that are a couple of the colour stills from the birth photography, all shot with a Fujifilm X100S, that form the documentary of the very first moment that Maja was born.

We’re home at last (got back yesterday) and Maja is sleeping so I have a moment to sit down and write.

We both got really emotional watching the slide show – we held hands and cried. We are so grateful for what you have given us. For me many (most!) details of the event would have been lost if it wasn’t for the images you took. Lying down I couldn’t really see much and later, when the operation started, I got into a state where I didn’t really see or hear much. There was the green screen and then there was my baby. This is about as much as I remember.
You were great on the day – so patient and respectful. It was a pleasure to have you with us.

– Agata & Robert

Birth Photography
Birth Photography
Birth Photography
Birth Photography

If you would like to discuss social documentary or birth photography for yourself, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Maja’s birth was a Caesarian but there is opportunities for birth photography even for natural births.  Perhaps you are having a home birth or a water birth and would like these remarkable moments captured?

These are amazingly sensitive and emotional times, and to be able to present a photographic commentary of it to clients is an amazing feeling for me as the photographer.  Do give me a call or drop me a mail if you want to discuss birth photography or, in fact, any kind of documentary photography that you think may help you keep your memories in print for ever.

Don’t forget the play the slideshow as well as look at the stills.  The slideshow tells the whole story through birth photography.