Wonder and Awe: Image of the Week #15

Back Story:
This photo is one of my favourites from 2011.  In fact, it was shot at one of the very last weddings I photographed in 2011:  Katie and Toby’s Hampshire Wedding down in Fordingbridge in mid-December.  

I could sense the excitement from the children as they approached the church and really wanted to see if I could capture something that illustrated that excitement.  As you can see from the image, I was outside the church just before Katie walked down the aisle and I overheard the best man speaking to the little kids telling them they were going to go first so I got in position.  

I find, when photographing children it helps to crouch down to their level (though anybody who knows me will know I don’t have that far to crouch).

I was extremely lucky as the children peered down the aisle into the gaze of the faces of friends and family.  

They looked almost as excited as Toby and Katie themselves.  The striking thing for me about this image is the little girl and boy holding hands.  

I love how connected they are and the little lad is so excited and pulling the little girl into the church.  

The little girl, while excited, seems a little more wary of the walk ahead and is gripping on tightly.

All the children at the wedding were impeccable throughout the whole wedding.

The Finished Photograph: