Museum of the orderof St John Weddings

Incredible Museum of the Order of St. John  Weddings

As a documentary wedding photographer, Museum of the Order of St. John Weddings couldn’t be more fun.  This incredibe wedding venue is seeped in history.

From it’s own, website:

The unique and fascinating story of an ancient religious military Order, from its origins caring for sick pilgrims in eleventh century Jerusalem, through to its modern-day role with St John Ambulance, the international first aid charity.

It’s one of my favourite City Centre Weddings and it’s a place I would definately have considerd getting married myself if I’d have known about it when I got married.

If you are considering getting married at The Musum of the Order of St. John, please don’t hesitate to take a further look at my wedding photography and contact me when you are ready.

I’d love to photograph your wedding there.