Henley Town Hall Weddings

Henley Town Hall Weddings ~ An amazing Oxfordshire Wedding Venue.

I’d lived near Henley for many years, but had never ventured into the Town Hall until I started photographing weddings there.

From a photographer’s point of view, it’s just gorgeous and offers a unique blend of quaint history with modern functional charm.

For me, as a documentary wedding photographer, Henley Town Hall Weddings offer pretty much everything that I need to tell the story of the day.

From their website:

Four rooms are available according to the size of your ceremony. The impressive main Council Chamber can accommodate 60 guests. It is panelled in oak from floor to ceiling and features a fine fire place and brass chandeliers.

A grand marble staircase rises from both sides of a landing, enhanced by imposing stained glass windows, which leads to the rectangular large Main Hall on the second floor. This room has an ornate and decorative round-arched ceiling and can accommodate up to 210 guests for a reception or ceremony.

It’s one of my favourite Oxfordshire Wedding Venues too I really look forward to shooting more Henley Town Hall Weddings over the coming years.

If you are considering getting married at Henley Town Hall, please don’t hesitate to take a further look at my wedding photography and contact me when you are ready.

I’d love to photograph your wedding there.