Cripps Stone Barn Wedding

Cripps Stone Barn Weddings are always, always amazing.

And I don’t say that lightly.  I’ve photographed over 400 weddings now, and whilst all weddings are unique, Cripps Stone Barn Weddings epitomise that word.

Whether you are getting married in a nearby church, or at Cripps Stone Barn itself, it’s a venue that offers warmth and comfort in the winter and wide open airy spaces in the summer.

For me, as a documentary wedding photographer, Cripps Stone Barn Weddings are really great; there is lots to explore and the grounds often some hidden treasures too for people to relax and enjoy.

It’s one of my nearest Cotswold Wedding Venues too and as such, I look forward always to any Cripps Stone Barn Weddings that are in my diary.

If you are considering getting married at Cripps Stone Barn, please don’t hesitate to take a further look at my wedding photography and contact me when you are ready.

I’d love to photograph your wedding there.