Wedding Speeches: Image of the Week #18

Back Story: Wedding Speeches at weddings are one of my favourite parts of the day to photograph.  

Being a reportage wedding photographer I get complete carte blanche to document the event unfolding.  Often there is laughter, sometimes tears but almost always interaction between the bride and groom, or the bride and her father etc.  

As I’ve mentioned many times before one of the things I look for continually during the wedding day is emotional contact between people.  That can manifest itself as touch or a simple look.

For this image, from one of the Essex weddings I photographed last year I could see a lots of loving (sometimes simmering) looks between Lucy and Doug and there was an opportunity to position myself at the back of the room, which effectively allowed me to shoot past Doug and concentrate on Lucy.

In my mind you don’t need to see Doug in this image.  It’s fairly obvious its a part of the Wedding Speeches but the story is with Lucy and simply “the look” says it all to me.

Many people would be concerned about the microphone and even try and remove this in post-processing.  

These details don’t bother me.  The image is totally in Lucy’s eye’s and whilst the purists may complain about the location of the microphone during the wedding speeches the options are simple;  Get the shot, or don’t get the shot.  

I’m not going to miss something like this just because there is a microphone in the scene.

om so it’s got some lovely grain.  Grain is good.  I love grain in images and will add it where necessary to try and get that old filmatic type look.

The Wedding Speeches: