For my Wedding Photography portfolio,¬†I’m hoping you will join in me on a journey through my style of wedding photography.

Throughout the rest of this page you will see many of my recent favourite wedding photography images and at times, I’ll take time out to explain the back story or why I particularly love that particular wedding photograph.

There maybe some surprises on the way and who knows, maybe a tear or two.

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Mum and Son at Wedding
Wedding Photography Portfolio

Wedding Photography: It's all about people....being people.

For me, wedding photography is about humanity and simply put, people, being people. ¬†Of course, it’s about the love between the couple, but it’s also much more than that.

Contextually, there is so much happening at a wedding. ¬†“Love is all around”, someone said once, and I truly believe that – at least “moments are all around”. ¬†As a wedding photographer, it is my responsibility to capture those moments….I like to call it¬†“curating¬†memories”.
It is not my responsibility to make moments happen, it’s simply my responsibility to photograph them.
I don’t want my clients overriding memory of their wedding spending hours with the photographer. ¬†I want my client’s overriding memory of their wedding spending all their time with their friends and family.

People, being people… weddings. ¬†This is something I’m really quite passionate about.

I’m sure we’ve all been to weddings where the photographer has spent hours with the bride and groom to the point that the guests don’t actually get to spend any time with the newlyweds. ¬†My take on wedding photography is very different from the “traditional” style.

I like to think that my clients actually hire me for my eye, for my observation technique to a certain extent, rather than as a “camera operator”. ¬†Of course, it helps to understand aperture and all the technical elements. Back in 2012 I was¬†the first official Fujifilm X-Photographer in the Wedding Photography arean and have spent time all over the world giving talks and workshops on the documentary style of wedding photography.

Wedding Photography
Funny Wedding Photographs
Little Children at a wedding
Nervous Groom at Wedding
Wedding Photography: Bride raises Veil
Little girl at a wedding
Bride and Grandmother
Emotional Wedding Photography
Father embraces Son at wedding
Father and Daughter at Wedding
Sikh Wedding Photography London
Kajal Indian Wedding

My job, really, is to observe and preserve

My job as a wedding photographer is to observe the events unfolding. ¬†I don’t want to intervene or contrive anything. ¬†Sadly, I won’t turn up to your wedding dressed like a ninja with step ladders and six cameras around my neck – rather, I’ll turn up looking just like all your other guests, and behave like them too.

I hope that while you look through the images on this page, and indeed the rest of my website, you’ll get a sense of what I look for when I’m shooting a wedding.

It’s impossible to complete define the way I shoot, but if I had to explain what I look for constantly it would come down to:

  • Human interaction
  • Humour
  • Love

I like to think that images can be made in split seconds. ¬†By that, I don’t mean “staged”, I mean a situation where a relatively normal moment is unfolding can be made into a very powerful image just by the shift of the eyes, or a little touch of the fingertips, a knowing wink or a smile.

Those little elements all come together to make a compelling wedding photograph.  And often, nobody else even knows these events have occurred.

Mum and Son at Wedding
Award Winning Wedding Photographer Kevin Mullins
Little boy at wedding
Wedding Photography Emotions
Wedding Photography

Before the wedding...

I find Bridal Prep photography helps complete the overall picture of the day and whilst not every bride will want it, it can yield some beautiful pictures that will capture memories from this time of the day.

You’ll see on my notes about Documentary Wedding Photography¬†why I think every story should have a start, middle and an end but off course, some brides don’t necessarily relish being photographed during the preparation stage of the day, and that’s fine (I’d say about 30% of my brides choose not to) – the story, through pictures, just starts a little later in the day.


Bride puts on her makeup
Before the Wedding
Wedding Photography at Wrest Park
Bride getting ready at Gosfield House

The images above show a different kind of Bridal prep photography. They are not staged, or prompted at all.  At no point have I, as the photographer, had any input in these images.

In the second image the bride quietly goes about applying her own make-up in the first image and its my job not to interfere with this moment, but still capture it.  Later in the morning, as the bride fixes her dress, her father gazes out of the window wondering about the weather perhaps?  And the family dog and the brides sister (who was a bridesmaid) joining the scene was my cue to click the button as the picture made itself.

The Wedding Ceremony and the excitement that surrounds it.

I like to shoot around the wedding ceremony, making the ceremony the central part of it’s own mini-story within the story of the day itself.

Once again, I have no intervention here and I like to start shooting the story as guests arrive, as grooms look on nervously, as kids misbehave, as the bride walks down the aisle and back up again with her new husband and then, the hustle and bustle of the hugs and the congratulations that naturally occur immediately after the wedding.


Wedding Ceremony
Baby at a Wedding
Bride arrives with her dad
Signing the Wedding Register
Wedding Photography First Kiss
London Wedding Photography
Happy Bride
Bridae and Groom Recessional
Signing the register at a wedding
Walking up the Aisle
Walking up the Aisle
Wedding Surprise
First Kiss
Wedding Ceremony
Bride and her Dad
wedding at laughter at at a Gosfield Halll

Basic Happiness....emotion....people, being people.

This following image is a huge favourite of mine. ¬†Perhaps, even, my favourite image I’ve shot at a wedding over the last few years.

Why? ¬†It’s not technically perfect, that’s for sure. ¬†However, for me, it just really emphasises what documentary wedding photography is all about. ¬†There is a huge amount of happiness, emotion, love, tenderness…..all of that, in this picture.

It’s a bit grainy, but you know what, I’d love a photograph like this of me and my wife when we are at that stage of life. ¬†I’d love to have an image like this of my own parents even.

Old People dancing at a wedding
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Asian Wedding
funny wedding photography
Emotional Wedding Photography
Father and Daughter after wedding
Aunty at a wedding at Gosfield Hall
Fuji Instax at Gosfield Hall
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Throughout this site you will see some full weddings and extended highlights (I call them Photofilms).

Here is Faye and Chris’s wedding at The Rosevine, 2014.


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Black and White Wedding Photography

One of the questions I get asked a lot is; how much of your work is black and white? The answer is, on average, around 60-70% of a wedding is shot for black and white.

If colour is the prime feature of the image, then of course it will remain in colour.

Asian Wedding Photography
Girl looking at a wedding dress
Award winning wedding photography
Old men at a wedding
Bridesmaids Dancing
Little Boy at a wedding
Guests at a Wedding
Bride adjusts her veil
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If you like those last three images above, you might be interested in the full Hampton Court House Wedding Photography blog post that shows the whole wedding.

Alternatively, just press play (remember to go full screen and turn the sound up) on the Photofilm below:


Also, check out my notes about Documentary Wedding Photography

There you will see more images and Photofilms and I explain in more detail how I work on the day, and what I will aim to achieve for you at your wedding..