My Wedding Photographs of 2014 ~ What a great year

When I show people my wedding photographs they often say that I must have a great job, and really, what they mean by that is they think I just work on Saturdays and do nothing else.

The truth, of course, is very different. Us wedding photographers work a great deal behind the scenes but they are right; I do have a great job & I love it.

2014 was a good year.  I shot in five countries, for 35 couples and I delivered in excess of twelve thousand photographs to my clients.

Additionally, I’ve been to some great locations running workshops and talking at conventions (favourite destinations were Japan, Malta and Spain).

I also got to shoot probably the most humbling commission of my career – the birth photography of gorgeous baby Maja.

At the end of the day, though, wedding photography is my much clichéd “passion” and I put my heart and soul into each shoot.

I’ve spent the last few weeks sifting through that 12,000+ collection of images and I’ve selected just fifty to show in my 2014 Wedding Photographs overview.

These aren’t necessarily my “best”, nor all my “favourites” but each one makes me smile and each one represents my vision of a wedding; I see it as a story, an unfolding event that I am simply observing and photographing.

I always want my wedding photographs to emit emotion, humour, love and, as I often say, “people being people”.

I have no gimmicks in my wedding photographs, I don’t rely on filters, complicated light set-ups or assistants.  I use small cameras and I use them to capture the human element of a wedding.  This manifests itself, often, in eye contact, touch, laughter, children and above all, love and happiness.

Turn the sound up, press play and relax.  It’s only three minutes long.  I hope you love looking at these wedding photographs as much as I enjoyed making them.

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Here is to 2015…..

I really must say a heartfelt “thanks” to all my clients who have entrusted me to shoot their wedding in 2014.  2015 is shaping up to be a good year too and I’m already looking forward to producing a “Best of 2015” Photofilm next year.

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