Wedding First Dance Photograph: Image of the Week #14

Back Story:
This Wedding First Dance Photograph was taken at the relatively recent wedding of Darren and Emma at their Botleys Mansion Wedding.  The wedding was last December and I’ve recently blogged the whole wedding on this site.  

However, I’ve had more emails and comments about this particular image than perhaps any other so thought I’d feature it here today and explain a little more about it.

It was the first time I’d been to Botleys Mansion and I’d clapped eyes on Emma’s incredible wedding dress earlier in the day as well as the wonderfully reflective floor on the dance floor.  

I’d been planning, and hoping for to a certain extent, this shot from earlier in the day.  I knew, to get the shot I wanted I would have to get down low and there was a huge element of luck also.  

Remember, none of my work is directed or prompted so I could only hope that Darren and Emma would engage with each other so beautifully during the first dance and they didn’t disappoint.  It was them that really made this a wedding first dance photograph that I’m very proud of, to be honest, and I know they love the image too.

For the actual shot, I pre-focused on the point of the dance floor I wanted after watching their movement for a little while to see the pattern.  The camera was placed right down at floor level (resting on the strap to give it a slight upwards tilt).  That was it pretty much.

Wedding First Dance Photograph: