Wedding Festival – Julie & Mark

In well over 350 weddings I’ve never shot a Wedding Festival type event.

Julie and Mark got married in their local village church in Tackley, Oxfordshire – then hopped over the fence to the most perfect mini-festival type wedding I think you could possibly have.

Julie and Mark and all their friends and family have small children so the wedding was as much a celebration about them getting married as it was a celebration of, well, little people.

And little people there were.  Everywhere.

When I’m not being a wedding photographer, I’m busy being a dad to my own set of little people so it was quite delightful to be surrounded by like-minded folk, mums, dads. children, aunties, uncles and friends from all over.

Hi Kevin,
I’ve been looking forward to this email all week, and I’m beaming ear to ear, the pictures are really lovely and I’m just so glad I changed the date of the wedding so you could be there to capture these moments (and because the weather has been god awful since then! ).
I love that you caught the angle of our shorter guests and it’s quite magical seeing everything again, and some parts I never got to witness!
Thanks for sharing our day, and giving us this wonderful gift, if you’d like a customer reference for your website just let me know, but I doubt you need them as the pictures you have online speak for themselves.
All the best,


I’ve featured a couple of these wedding festival images already in my Why I love these Pictures series so a few of them may not be new for regular readers of my blog.

Julie and Mark were totally blessed by the weather gods on this July day last year, and as Julie mentioned in her testimonial they moved the day partly so I could shoot it, and luckily as the weather on the other possible days wasn’t so great.

I really did adore Julie and Mark’s Wedding Festival at Tackley, and even though it was in a local field, I could really tell how much thought and attention had gone into planning their day.

I loved being there and shooting the wedding and I hope you all enjoy a small selection of the wedding pictures that I’m sharing below.

The Wedding Festival of Julie & Mark (Selected Stills)