The Wedding Card ~ Why I love this picture

Documentary or reportage wedding photography is all about respect.  It’s incredibly important for me to respect every part of the wedding day as it unfolds.

It’s also my job and my responsibility to try and document these moments as they unfold.

Often, the bride on the morning of her wedding will receive a gift or a wedding card from her husband to be and that’s usually a moment of reflection for the bride.  

And while she immerses herself at that moment, it’s my role to try and capture it, but not intrude on it.

A true documentary photographer will not direct any of this.  It’s not a play that needs stage managing.  

Inflicting directions and orders to stand in the land, or “show me the card”, in my mind, remove the mood and ambience from the whole moment.

I love this photograph because Claire was totally engaged with the moment that has been derived from the card that her husband to be, Thad, had sent her.

The emotion is almost tangible and in my mind, there is a connection between the bride and the groom here.  

The connection isn’t physical, but there is an emotional connection via the words in the card that pretty much set the mood for the rest of the day.