Wedding at Portmeirion North Wales – Jade & Ben

“Hello Kev, this is Benny.  Me an Jade are having a wedding at Portmeirion next year and would love it if you could photograph it for us”.

That was how the call went….or something similar.   Benny is a long standing rugby buddy of mine.  We’ve share a lot of good times in the past.  A lot!  There was this time, in Portugal…..ok, ok, I’ll move on to the wedding.

Ben and Jade are perhaps the epitome of a fairy tale relationship.  A long time ago, after a game of rugby at London Welsh me, Benny, myself and the boys would usually find ourselves in Molly Malone’s – one of Richmond’s great drinking venues.  Usually peering over the top of several empty Magners bottles Benny only had eyes for one barmaid.  Her name was Jade.

That was how it started…..and it came full circle in April when Ben and Jade had a wedding at Portmeirion in North Wales.  And what a wedding it was.

Portmeirion, for those who don’t know it, is a purpose built folly (small town size) on the North Wales coast that was used as the setting for the very successful 60’s programme “The Prisoner” .

I’d never been before, but I was in for a treat.  Not only was the wedding full of lots of old friends, it was probably the only sunny day in North Wales that whole month and to be frank, it was just a wonderful day.

Benny is from Australia, and Jade and Bennny now live there – choosing to return to Jade’s parents home area for their wedding.  As usual, a small amount of bridal prep photography was followed by an absolutely gorgeous ceremony.  Everybody was so pleased!  Jade’s Mum and brother couldn’t have looked more proud.

Later, at the Portmeirion Hotel there were fairly raucous speeches, but also tears and tender moments.

There was time to catch The Grand National via the medium of an iPhone at the breakfast table before heading over to the evening celebrations.

As a gift to Jade, Benny had organised the local Welsh Male Voice Choir to perform for a while.  Being Welsh myself, and or the rugby generation, I’m a bit partial to the odd Calon Lân myself but the emotion for Jade was palpable.  It was a lovely gesture.

Onto the dancing….and drinking, and dancing and drinking…… followed by a five hour drive home for me.

Ben, though now in Australia, will always have a special place in my memories – not only for the days we shared on the rugby pitch, but also for A Wedding at Portmeirion that made so many people very happy.

Some feedback from their Wedding at Portmeirion

Just this morning, I received this lovely little message from Jade’s mum;

Dear Kevin
Just wanted to drop you a line to say how pleased we are with Jade and Ben’s wedding photos. You’ve captured some lovely moments and have provided us with a beautiful record of a very happy day.
Diolch yn fawr iawn (thank you very much)
Lydia and Mike

As usual, a small selection of my favourite images from their wedding at Portmeirion.  Please do share on social media or comment too if you wish.

If you are considering A Wedding at Portmeirion and would like to discuss your wedding photography please don’t hesitate to contact me (I’d love to go back there).


Bridal Prep

Bride arrives at the ceremony location

Groom and Best Man wait

The proud mum of bride and brother

Bride and Dad walk down the aisle

Super proud groom

Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings

Exchange of Vows

The first kiss

Back of the wedding dress

Watching the grand national


Guests games


Laughing guests

Grooms speech

Mum cries

Bestman speech

A Wedding at Portmeirion

A Wedding at Portmeirion

A sneaky kiss

Welsh Male Voice Choir

Tears from the bride

A child at the wedding

Welsh Male Voice Choir

Welsh Male Voice Choir

The First Dance

The First Dance