The Touch – Why I love this picture

Touch, Eye Contact, Humour, Emotion…..I spend my entire time at a wedding looking for these elements.  They are there.  At every wedding.  And it’s my job as a documentary wedding photographer to capture those moments.

This particular image was shot during the ceremony of Suzanne and Vicky’s Civil Partnership at Clandon Park back in late 2013.

It’s a lovely moment, and one that occurs at almost every wedding, but it’s one that is now preserved pictorially for them.

For me, right at this point, the story is in the human element of the relationship.  I don’t need to see the faces at this point (of course there are plenty of shots of those too – check out that blog post), but I’m focusing on the context of that moment where the girls are interlinking hands.  That’s where the story is, right there.

And I really do love this picture.

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Technical Details:

  • Camera:  Fujifilm XE2
  • Lens: XF35mm F1.4R
  • Focal Length:  35mm
  • ISO: 400
  • Exposure:  1/300th second at f/1.4
  • Flash:  Did not fire

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Clandon Park Wedding