Those little looks – Why I love this picture

There is one thing that is guaranteed to happen at every single wedding and that is the first moment the bride and groom glance at each other.

I’m not on about the time when the groom turns to see his bride walking down the aisle, I’m on about those intimate little glances, at the front.

Usually, the only people to observe these moments are the vicar or registrar and us photographers.

This is from a wedding a shot recently at Gosfield Hall and the registrar had initially instructed me to take no photographs at all during the ceremony.

I asked her why and she recited a tale about a photographer the previous week, at exactly the same venue, who had rather unceremoniously shouted “STOP – I missed the first kiss!  Do it again”.

Naturally, the registrar wasn’t very impressed and so, for her own peace of mind, she had decided to hold off on any photography during this ceremony.

I actually understand that fully and don’t blame her but in this case, I showed her (rather, I asked her to listen to) the 100% silent shutter on my camera.

She was quite impressed and pronounced that I could shoot, as long as she didn’t hear me.

So, here we are, Emma has just walked down the aisle and Stace is at the bottom waiting for her.  With my secret weapon of the silent shutter, I carefully observe and get the chance to shoot, this picture.

These are very tender moments and its right that the registrar doesn’t want the ceremony interrupted.  I’m pleased that I was able to record this moment however and within the parameters of the registrar’s requirements.

Its a really lovely moment and when I look at pictures like this I find myself thinking…I wonder what was going through their mind at this point? All the tension and excitement is fading into adrenalin as the ceremony commences.  All their family and friends are right there with them but these fleeting moments, these silent glances between the two main people of the day can often tell so much.

I love this picture as much for the story it tells but also for the secrets it may hold…