The temperature gauge on my hire car ready 45.6 degrees as I approached Chateau de Lisse in South West France for Mara and Robbie’s wedding.

The wedding was on the same weekend that France experienced its hottest heatwave in a generation.

Heat withstanding, it turned out to be a romantic, and lovely wedding at the amazing Chateau de Lisse.

Once again, I’ll share a full blog post of this wedding in due course but here is one of my favourites from the bridal prep time.

There is always so much going on, in every moment at a wedding and I’m constantly looking “around the frame” for moments that will bring back happy memories for my clients.

In this case, whilst I was shooting one of the bridesmaids having her hair done, I noticed the other two giving Mara a great big “It’ll be a great day” hug in the background.

I really love this image, not because of its technical perfections, as its technically imperfect, but because of it’s real happiness and sense of excitement for what lies beyond.

I hope you like the picture too.

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