The Vicar

Why I love this Wedding Photograph

It’s a very traditional scene, when the vicar awaits the bride at the enterance of the church.

We don’t see it much these days, but I’m always on the look out for it should it happen.

This shot, from James and Alison’s’ marquee wedding in Bucks a couple of weeks ago is the perfect example of the type of shot I look for.

As a Documentary Wedding Photographer, it’s not my responsibility to make these moments happen, rather I look for them and capture them, should the opportunity arrise.

It would have been easy to simply take a shot of the vicar (and a very nice vicar he was too) in his robes outside the door, but I needed context.

So, in this case, I stood back, let Alison come into the frame, dropped my angle slightly and got the shot I wanted.

Having Alison in the frame, approaching the vicar and the church, gives a sense of story that ties the two elements together.

I love this photo and I hope you do too.

church wedding

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