The supporting hand – Why I love this picture

The gentle touch.

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This image was taken a few months back at Heena and Olly’s lovely two part wedding in West London.

This photograph was taken during Olly’s speech, where he had perched himself upon a chair so everyone in the packed room to get to see, and hear, what he was saying.

I had decided to take a position right at the front, a decision I needed to make on the spur of the moment as the room became full.

I’m pleased I made that choice, as it allowed me to get a little snapshot into the communion between Olly and Heena that many others in the room would not have seen.

Its tiny little moments like this, where Olly is reaching out and embracing Heena’s hand with his own.

Of course, I had been concentrating on Olly at this point, but I always have one eye on the periphery of the scene.  There is always those unexpected moments that definitely require capturing for all the years to come.

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Technical Details:

  • Camera:  Fujifilm XT-1
  • Lens: XF23mm F1.4
  • ISO: 400
  • Exposure: 1/150th second at f/1.4
  • Flash: Did not fire

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supporting hand - bride and groom speech