The Nervous Look – Why I Love this Wedding Picture

I sit here typing this as the snow falls gently outside my studio window.

It seems like a long time since we saw a warm summers day.

I’m reminded by thinking of summer of this lovely photo I took towards the end of the warm season last year.

I’ve never been a bridesmaid, and I’ve never been a little girl – funnily enough.

But I imagine when you are five years old and you are asked to be a bridesmaid it’s an awe-inspiring moment.

I imagine one would spend the next eighteen months excited; trying on dresses, headwear and generally getting caught up in the wedding.

And then, of course, comes the wedding day.  When things get real.

I see it so many times at weddings I photograph.  And being a Documentary Style Wedding Photographer it’s always something I looking out for.

When the nerves hit.  The uncertainty.  The knowledge that there are 80-100 people going to be watching you in your moment of glory.

It’s the little look over the shoulder back to mummy that I love in this picture.

I’ve got down at the same level as the children in order to give a more natural viewpoint and I adore this picture because of the look on the little girls face.

Of course, she was fine, she loved her moment of glory and the very beautiful day that followed.

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So, this is why I love this wedding picture and I hope you do too.

Oxfordshire Wedding Photographer