The Loving Gaze ~ Why I love this Wedding Picture

One of my remits, as a reportage wedding photographer, is to ensure I capture the important moments, but also to ensure I don’t encroach on them.

This picture, taken at Amy and Seva’s Asian Wedding back in 2015 remains one of my favourite images for a speech to date.

The connection between Amy, the bride, and Seva, giving the speech is obvious and I particularly love the smile that is on Amy’s face.

Adding to the image is the close bond between Amy and her little cousin, who is resting on her shoulder.

In order to make this picture, I needed to have Amy in the shot (of course), but for context, I also need to have Seva.

I knew the image I wanted to create, but I also did not want to affect the moment by firing multiple bursts of shots over Seva’s shoulder.  This would surely move away from the idea of “quiet, observational photography” that I like to practice.

So, in this case, I have used a relatively long focal length lens and used the title screen of my camera to shoot “from the hip”, whilst sat at a table.

This ensured that Amy would not notice my presence and I could get the shot that I wanted.

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I hope you love this image as much as I do:

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