The Guests – Why I love this First Dance Wedding Photo

Today’s Why I Love this Wedding Photo feature is from the North Cadbury Court Wedding of Tamas and Chloe that I photographed a few months back.

As I mentioned in that full blog post, this was a Chinese / Scottish infusion style wedding at one of the Best Wedding Venues in Somerset.

As you may know, I ply my wedding photography trade slightly different to most.

I’m a pure documentary style photographer which means my clients get the chance to spend their wedding day just having fun with their guests, without any interference from me.

That doesn’t mean, though, that I don’t try to be creative and that creativity manifests itself through my observation on the wedding day.

There are certain events that happen at most weddings, and one of those is the First Dance.

Of course, it’s imperative to get shots of the first dance, but I see little point in overshooting that once I have the key images in the camera.


Because there is always so much more going on in the background. And this is where that observation kicks in.

The First Dance

For example, take this image below.

I was safe in the knowledge that I had the key shots of Chloe and Tamas dancing but look at what else is happening in the periphery.

There is, of course, the obligatory iPhone, but we have all the bridesmaids, the father of the groom being congratulated by a family friend, we have the mother of the groom and a whole load else going on.

North Cadbury Court Wedding Photography

A little bit like the Father of the Bride, this is one of those images that I love looking at – especially the faces and the reactions.

The first dance is beautiful, but often, there are other beautiful (and important) things going on at the same time.

I hope you like what you see, and please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your wedding photography.

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