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The Tythe Barn Launton – Chaos – Why I Love this Wedding Photo

There is always an element of chaos in the calm of a wedding and this is exactly what I tried to capture at Jack and Hayley’s Tythe Barn Launton Wedding last Autumn.

I posted a picture today on my Instagram account, and I spoke about a quote from famous photographer W. Eugene Smith who said:

What use is having a great depth of field if there is not an adequate depth of feeling.

This is something I believe in strongly.

Of course, it’s important to have a technical ability to photograph, but I really believe that my heart and my skill is in seeing the moment.

As a documentary wedding photographer, it’s critical for me to be able to react quickly and take the pictures that will give my clients a sense of nostalgia in years to come.

In this case, at this wedding at the Tythe Barn in Launton, the children were almost central to the wedding and I love seeing the parents and friends joining in with their games.

What I particularly love about this capture at The Tythe Barn, is the layering.

You can clearly see the bridesmaid in the centre, but the little boy anchors the image somewhat.

Right at the front of the image, is the man carrying his bottle of beer and getting on with general wedding guest behaviour.

The sheer joy on the little girls face is all we need to see here.  We don’t need to add the context of mum at this point.

It’s a really lovely wedding photo from The Tythe Barn, which epitomises so much about a great wedding for me.

So, this is why I love this wedding picture and I hope you do too.

tythe barn launton wedding photographer

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