The Calm – Why I Love this Wedding Photo

Today’s Why I Love this Wedding feature is from the Lincolnshire Wedding of Andy & Flo that I photographed back in June.

If you’ve read that blog post, you’ll know that it was a very inclement day, weather-wise.

I’ll embed the photo-film from that day below also if you wish to look at it.

However, it was the most amazing wedding and I thoroughly enjoyed shooting it.

This photograph was clearly taken during the bridal prep part of the day and its one that I vividly remember taking.

What strikes me about this image is the incongruity between Flo, who is in a world of her own contemplating the day ahead, and her dad, who’s just getting into his dress shirt (towel still wrapped around his waist).

Because I’m a pure documentary wedding photographer, this means I will photograph scenes that I feel add to the story of the wedding day.

Initially, my thoughts were on the gorgeous light falling onto Flo from the window.

As I was taking pictures from this, dad walked past and began to dress.

The bridal prep room is just as it was, and I know this is a photograph that will help Flo to remember her day in a minute by minute fashion.

It is critical for me to not affect a scene. I never ask people to move things or change anything. It’s entirely up to them.

My remit is to photograph the real events from the day so my clients have real memories, rather than false fairy-tale style memories that are fabricated.

This is real wedding photojournalism where every moment, no matter how benign it seems at the time, will become a precious memory in the future.

Remember, the photo film is below – switch the sound up to watch that.

I hope you love this wedding picture as much as I do.

lincolnshire wedding photographer

Flo & Andy’s Wedding Photofilm

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