The Beautiful Touch – Why I Love this Wedding Photo

Yesterday, I blogged the lovely wedding of Mara & Robbie at Chateau de Lisse in the South of France.

You can read that blog post to see how the weather played its part but I wanted to single out this image in particular.

In this series, I talk about some of my personal favourite wedding photographs.

There were many amazing images from the wedding, of course, but as the photographer, I’m immediately drawn to this one.

This was taken during the second part of the wedding ceremony (remember, the back story is in the original blog).

I love this photograph because there is a connection on so many parts.

Of course, there is a physical connection, but perhaps more telling is in the eyes.

From the point of view of a documentary wedding photographer, these kinds of shots are always beautiful.

This is why I see it as so important to allow the day to flow without any intervention or direction.

These are incredibly important and private moments during their wedding day that more role absolutely has to simply be to observe and preserve.

This is why I love this wedding photo and I hope you do too.

For completion, here are two other shots from the same period of time.

As a triptych, together they tell their own little mini-story within the grand scheme of the whole wedding day.

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