The Adoring Look – Why I Love this Wedding Photo

Yesterday I showed you the lovely wedding photo film and stills from Elgan and Vicki’s Owen House Wedding Barn Wedding.

Today, I’ve selected one of those images as my Why I Love this Wedding Photo features.

You’ll have noticed if you are a regular reader of this blog that my recent selections for this series have all been based on emotion.

And that’s for a very good reason; I believe that emotion is at the very heart, the fabric if you like, of every wedding partnership.

In this image, Vicki has just been walked down the aisle by her brother and looks at her soon-to-be-husband for the very first time.

Much like my previous post, The Beautiful Touch, the emotion here is driven by eye contact.

Vicki and Elgan were a very cool couple, but also a very loving couple and I’m sure they are going to have a very happy life together.

I feel that as a documentary wedding photographer, observing and capturing these moments is the most critical part of my job.

It’s very easy to miss these fleeting glances, and don’t believe that just shooting hundreds of frames constantly is the way to capture the moment.

In my mind, these moments are incredibly important for the couple and it’s up to me to capture the image quietly and sympathetically, and crucially, without affecting the moment at all.

The last thing I would want as this beautiful moment unfolds is for Vicki to look at me – and that would happen if I was rattling off hundreds of frames with the hope of getting one good shot.

Moments like this are memories that will last a lifetime but are also so fleetingly quick.

This is why I love this wedding photo and I hope you do too.

owen house wedding barn wedding

To expand a little on this moment, there is a series of other shots that tell a mini-story in the overall story of the day.

The interlinked fingers, that only the couple, the registrars and me, the photographer will be aware of.

The little smiles and of course, the ring exchange.

All these images sit together perfectly, to sum up, what was a wonderful wedding.

owen house wedding barn
owen house wedding barn photography
owen house wedding barn photography
owen house wedding barn photography

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