Trusting your wedding photographer is paramount for you.

Presented here is a selection of feedback I have received recently. I am more than happy to forward contact details if you wish to obtain a reference about my wedding photography work, its quality and my committed customer service.

Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your wedding photography requirements further.

Hi Kevin,

Thank you so much for sending these over and for being our Loseley Park wedding photographer, we’re absolutely thrilled with them!

I’m so pleased with the way you captured so many ‘moments’, many of which we wouldn’t have even known about had you not been there in the thick of things.

And I honestly think these are some of the most expressive and natural images I’ve seen of our family and friends. The quality of the images is brilliant as well – we’ll really treasure them.

We’ll keep following you on facebook, we’re big fans of your work!

Thanks again,

Jocelyn and JY read more

Loseley Park Wedding Photographer for Jocelyn & JY

Hi Kevin,

Thanks… we really, really love them. They are everything we hoped they would be! The more we look at them the more we find in them that we love. It’s a great balance of colour and black and white photos. We would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who asks us for a wedding photographer.


Tom and Lisa read more

Lisa and Tom’s Stratford Upon Avon Wedding

Hi Kevin

Wow! I am not sure where to start.

We both absolutely love the photos. Thank you so much.

Paul says they are the best wedding photos he has ever seen.

When I first showed them to him, I heard mumblings of Vermeer and Caravaggio.

A little dramatic, perhaps, but I understand what he means.

For me, they are the gift that keeps giving.

Each time I look at them I notice another feature, another expression, another smiling face.

They really do capture the spirit of the day and joy just leaps from the images.

You have also been incredibly generous, ensuring that none of our guests was left out.

We really appreciate that.One of the best decisions of the wedding was asking you to be our photographer.

Thank you for capturing so many beautiful moments for us and thank you, also, for your professionalism on the day.

Many thanks

Kim (and Paul) read more

Kim & Paul’s Dewsall Court Wedding/wedding-photographer/dewsall-court-wedding-photographer.html

Hi Kev

We absolutely love the photos, you’ve captured some really special moments brilliantly!

We’re going to have a proper look through over the weekend to see what we want to do with our favourites and how we share them with our families.


Jason read more

Jason & Sara’s Abbey Farm Weddings

Hi Kevin,

We have had time to digest all the wonderful shots of our day and they are truly breathtaking.

Our friends and family were astonished at the emotion and feeling that shines through every shot.

We cannot thank you enough and we hope you enjoyed capturing the day.

Your story has helped us remember those small details that could have easily been forgotten.

Thank you Kevin, we wouldn’t have changed anything.

Stacey & Nick read more

The South Farm Wedding of Stacey & Nick

Morning Kevin,

We just wanted to say a huge thank you for our wedding photos. We are absolutely thrilled with them and must have looked at them at least 20 times already. You have really captured the day just perfectly! I particularly liked the one of mum with the hairspray can! You obviously caught onto her rebellious streak quite quickly!!

Thanks again and have a great weekend

Helen and Lewis read more

Helen & Lewis’s Upper Slaughter Wedding

Hi Kevin

We can’t tell you enough how happy we are with these! So many fantastic moments and we’re now really looking forward to sharing them with our families.

And we really appreciate the split between the colour and the black and white images – it will make for some tricky decisions I’m sure, but we’re delighted to have the options. Thank you so much!

Thomas read more

Thoams’ & Rose’s Fazeley Studios Wedding

Hi Kevin,

These are amazing! Thank you so much. You really captured some lovely little hidden moments and expressions – what a wonderful record of the day.

We’ll try to find some time to look at these carefully and pick our album over the next few days – exciting!

Many, many thanks for photographing our wedding – we’re really happy with the results and will enjoy sharing these with friends and family.

With very best wishes,

Joni read more

Round Chapel Hackney Wedding of Will and Joni

Hi Kevin,

Thank you SO much. We are absolutely thrilled with the photos, they are wonderful and we couldn’t have asked for anything better!

Hattie & Jonathan read more

Hattie & Jonathan’s Leighton House Museum Wedding

Hi Kevin,

Thank you so much for our Museum of the Order of St John Wedding photos, we are truly overwhelmed by them, they are fantastic and more than we had wished for. We sat down last night and watched them all three times with a bottle of champagne and it was fantastic.

You captured the day so well and we found every photo fascinating.

Thanks so much again, we are absolutely over the moon.

Nadia and Gavin read more

Nadia & Gavin’s Museum of the Order of St John Wedding

Dear Kevin,

The photos are lovely, thank you so much.  I had a brief look through yesterday – it was very exciting receiving your e-mail!! 

Thanks again – I had no idea you were taking half the photos you took – surely the sign of a great photographer!

Clare! read more

Chris & Claire’s Druid Wedding at Stonehenge

Hi Kevin,


We love the images so much, thank you! Haven’t been able to stop looking at them, wishing we could do it all again.

read more

Sarah & Tom’s Danesfield House Wedding

Hi Kevin,

How are you?

Just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thank you so much for being our wedding photographer and a great part of our big day. . Hope you have enjoyed it and had a great holiday in Spain.

We were absolutely stunned when seeing the photos from your website. Every picture is telling a special moment of the day in the most subtle and vivid way, this is exactly what I want.
– Connie

Connie & Cameron from their Goldney Hall Wedding

Hi Kevin,

Our honeymoon (much like the wedding) was a dream – hope all is well with you.

I don’t quite know where to bing, we have viewed our gallery (so many times).

The more we look at the photos the more we love them. We are so very, very, very thankful that we found you – the photos are absolutely incredible.

You have captured so many details and emotions throughout the day, and for us it was like re-living the whole day again.

You have an unbelievable amount of talent and we will treasure our photos forever.

Many many thanks,

Becky & Jon

Becky & Jon from their St Cyriac’s Church Wedding

Dear Kevin,

We don’t know where to start: these photographs of our Cogges Farm wedding are sensational. It was amazing looking through them all (a million times!) last night, and it brought back so many incredible emotions from the day. I cannot believe how you have captured so many fantastic moments, and in addition, have picked out so many other details from the wedding day cards in my flat to the table settings in the barn. And the photographs of the inside of the church – wow! I have never seen pictures of the inside of that church that do the people and the building justice, but you have captured the grandeur of the building and yet the intimacy of our ceremony… and the light! The light that came into the window as we were saying the prayers was a gift from above (we couldn’t even see it from where we were at kneeling at the front) and you caught that fantastically.

These are pictures we will have for the rest of our lives and will help us to sustain the already amazing memories we have of the day. You are a miracle worker, and it felt like you knew what our day was all about from start to finish. Thank you so much.

We knew we’d managed to nab a brilliant wedding photographer, but you deserve a thousand more accolades than my words can do justice to.

Hope to meet you again sometime! – Jenni and Jake read more

Jenni & Jake’s Cogges Farm Wedding

Hi Kevin

Thanks for sending the link over.

We are over the moon with the photos. There are so many great emotional moments captured, which is why we chose you as our photographer in the first place, so we’re really just so pleased with what you’ve done!

Speak soon, and thank you again for the fantastic images.

All the best,

Dan & Kitty read more

Sherborne Castle Wedding

“They are WONDERFUL! Thank you so very much. Just going through and trying to whittle it down to 50 for the album. We might be a while!” – Jenna read more

Jenna & Guillaume Wedding at The Rectory Hotel

“Hi Kevin, Thank you so much again for the photos.We went through them yet again and said “Oh, I love that!” at every photo!” – Charity read more

Cripps Stone Barn Wedding of Charity & Han-Rui

Hi Kevin
WOW! Thank you so, so much for that very unexpected treat. It is just stunning and I’m now very emotional at work watching it back!
Having a video of sorts was something we both wanted but couldn’t prioritise and seeing the photos in a sequence like that is very special.

– Emily & Paddy

Emily & Paddy’s Destination Wedding in France

“Wow! Not really sure where to start…..
We had high expectations for how these photographs would turn out but really, these have blown us away! Totally amazed at how intimate these shots are and yet so many of our guests thought that we didn’t have a professional photographer there. You have captured the true characters of our family and friends and yet I would imagine that to most you barely even uttered a word……who ever said you needed words to tell a story….so, so impressed.
Absolutely we love these images, cannot thank you enough!”

Herefordshire Wedding of Jemma & RichHerefordshire Wedding of Jemma & Rich

Hi Kevin,


We are very well thank you.


We have viewed the gallery (so many times already!) and we absolutely LOVE the pictures, you have captured so many details and emotions throughout the photos and for us it was like re-living the whole day again which was amazing.  The more we looked at the photos the more things we noticed and the more we loved them.  My mum and dad have said they are the best wedding photos they have ever seen and we agree!


Thank you for some great lasting memories, we will be sure to leave feedback on your facebook groups. read more

Naomi & Dan’s Herons Farm Wedding

Dear Kevin


I hope you’re well.


Thank you for the link to the slideshow. We’ve only just managed to look at the images properly together today.

Simon and I love the photographs as they truly reflect and capture the essence of the day. We had such an incredible time with all our family and friends, that it’s great to see them also enjoying themselves as much as we did through the images.

Anna Rita & Simon Stoke Park WeddingStoke Park Wedding

Hi Kevin,

I’ve been looking forward to this email all week, and I’m beaming ear to ear, the pictures are really lovely and I’m just so glad I changed the date of the wedding so you could be there to capture these moments (and because the weather has been god awful since then! ).

I love that you caught the angle of our shorter guests and it’s quite magical seeing everything again, and some parts I never got to witness!

Thanks for sharing our day, and giving us this wonderful gift, if you’d like a customer reference for your website just let me know, but I doubt you need them as the pictures you have online speak for themselves.

All the best,

Julie & Mark Wedding Festival

“Hi Kevin
Thank you so much for the photographs – we got back from honeymoon on Sunday and it’s been a bit hectic at work, but we’ve had a chance to look through and think they’re really great! Thank you so much. We’ve forwarded the link to our parents who love them too, and are trying to decide which ones to get printed.”

Thomas & Elizabeth from their Notley Abbey Wedding

Hi Kevin,

These are amazing, thank you so so much.

You really captured the day, we absolutely love them. read more

Claire & JB from their Royal Exchange London Wedding

Hi Kevin,
Absolutely delighted, Thankyou so much. How on earth will we choose the images for the album!!! read more

Somerset Wedding

Hi Kevin,

Literally grinning from ear to ear, sat at home on a Saturday night with a bottle of red LOVING your pictures.

They’re amazing – can’t quite believe how amazing they are!

Too many favourites, they’re so lovely!

Thank you so much for your hard work on the day and these fantastic pictures. Can’t thank you enough!

Lizzie & Anthony from their Old Bell Malmesbury Wedding

Hi Kevin,

Thank you so much, you are super talented! We both think that the pictures are stunning and are very pleased. We are lucky to have such a beautiful collection to choose from.


Emma & Stacy from their Gosfield Hall Wedding

Hi Kevin,

Thank you so much for photographing our day. We love the photos (I especially love the one of both dads together).

Jackie & Billy from their Chisledon House Wedding

Thanks so much for these! There are some really brilliant shots! I’m really pleased that you’ve been able to achieve exactly the kind of style we were looking for.  Several friends and relatives commented about how much they appreciated your very discreet approach on the day and it’s certainly made for great photos.

Heena & Olly from their Old Sorting Office Barenes Wedding

I want to say that we love the pictures – they are great. They make me laugh because you really captured the naughtiness of the boys – but also how happy Alan and I were on the day.  Thank you so much!

Angela & Alan from their Small Burgh House Wedding

Hi Kevin.

Thank you so much! You have done a wonderful job and we are so happy with the photographs. Yes you have managed to capture the happiness and fun that we had on the day and we are so glad our friends and family had the same experience. And judging by the photos they certainly did.

Fiona & Tome from their Asylum London Wedding

Fiona & Tom

“Hi Kevin,

Thank you so much, the photos are fantastic and you’ve really captured the fun everyone had on the day. The slideshow will go down very well after Christmas dinner!!” – Martyn & Gemma from their Dulwich College Wedding

Gemma & Martyn

“I’ve had a very quick look through and I love them. Exactly what we wanted – brilliantly capturing all the natural moments that we didn’t get to see on the day.”

– Ben & Mark from their Botleys Mansion Wedding

Ben & Mark

“I wanted to say a massive thank you for the beautiful pictures! They are absolutely spectacular and really capture all the different moods of our day, so we can relive it all over again. There are lots of special ones of me and Milan that we’ll treasure. And also I loved seeing the ones showing our family and guests involved in the moment – Rosa’s last dance was the perfect ending! I know everyone’s going to be so excited to see them.

” – Rebecca & Milan from their Gate Street Barn Wedding

Rebecca & Milan

“Thank you so much Kevin. We love the photos! They are really special and we will treasure them for the rest of our lives.

” – Julia & James from their St. Ermin’s Hotel, London Wedding

Julia & James

“THANK YOU! For these! We do indeed love them, thank you.

I think most of all that the best thing is that they’re so interesting i can look at them time and again and always pick out ones i haven’t noticed before which is an absolute joy.

Thanks also for the beautiful wooden presentation box and the printed photos you did too. They’re lovely!

” – Emma & Matt from their North Hidden Farm Wedding

Emma & Matt

“Hi Kevin.


IT’S AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ROCK KEVIN!!!!!

I am going to have to give you a call later, as I don’t feel I can say what I want to say on e-mail.

You amazing human being !!!!!! The funky photo film also… thank you SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING. Absolutely thrilled.


Amy & Seva from their Indian Wedding Photography

Amy & Seva

“The pictures are fantastic.  You’ve really captured the essence of the day and made us and our guests look great – you can just tell everyone’s having a great time and there’s no posing or stiffness on show.  We particularly enjoyed seeing some of the ones where people who would never have met before the day are laughing and talking together.  Great stuff and exactly what we’d hoped for.  The venue and decorations look brilliant too. Bravo!”

” – Charlie & Laura from their Town Hall Bethnal Green Wedding

Charlie & Laura

“Hi Kevin,

Thank you very much for the link to our photos.  We love them!  You have definitely captured so many magic moments of our day.  You must have a sixth sense of when things are going to happen!!  We couldn’t be happier with the finished product.  We also loved the music on the slideshow!  Thanks for going to so much effort.

” – Charlotte & Richard from their Prince Albert Camden Wedding

Charlotte & Richard

“We are absolutely thrilled with our wedding photos. As you said, they do absolutely capture the essence of our wedding day, and for us it is a wonderful way to re live the moment over and over.

” – Carol & David from their London Wedding

Carol & David

“Fantastic photos -we couldn’t be more pleased with them. I agree with you that they really capture the mood of the day.  We’ve got the disc. Enjoying looking through the photos again. They really are spectacular.” – Emma and Chris from their London Summer Wedding

Emma and Chris’s London Wedding

“Hi Kevin,

Thanks for sending these over! We love the pictures and had a great time going through them and remembering our special day.

The album arrived and I am thrilled with it. It looks amazing and I am so pleased.”

– Kathleen and Richard from their Summer Berkshire Wedding

Richard & Kathleen

“Hi Kevin,

Thank you so much! The photos are incredible and gave us a good giggle looking through them all. There are so many little moments that you’ve captured that I’m positive other photographers would have missed and you’ve managed to capture a real essence of the day – we had such a fun day and are so happy that there are photos of some if the funniest / nicest moments to keep those memories alive.


Thanks again”

– Sarah and Eliot from their Wedding at Herons Farm

Sarah & Elliot

“Thank you for the link – we’re absolutely delighted with the pictures, they’re stunning. We’ve been on tenterhooks since Monday when you put that sneak preview up online!

We’re going to show our parents in person over the weekend, before sending the link out to friends or putting them up on Facebook etc.

Lorna was sobbing last night at the picture of her and her Dad walking up the path towards the church, followed by her mum and two sisters, it’s a fantastic picture of the whole family.

You’ve captured some really special moments – I loved the shot of me, Em and Jean at the reception. They had sent me a London Welsh pin badge with their acceptance card, which I was showing them on my inside pocket – I think Em was quite chuffed I’d worn it.

Also, the picture in the church vestibule when our witness Tom, was offering me a last chance to back out before he signed the register (all in jest, of course!). Amazing how many little stories you’ve somehow captured in photos.” – Lorna & Sam’s from their Wedding at The Red Barn, Blindley Heath

Lorna & Sam

“Oh my goodness, not sure how you managed to exceed already sky high expectations but you have and then some. We both absolutely adore these shots which made us laugh and cry in equal measure. Love that they tell the story and fill in the blanks in what was a whirlwind day and are proof that we had an absolute ball. Hard to pick a favourite but I am particularly in love with the one of Bella peering over the top of the table in the Vestry and the one of the three little flower girls. Dying to take another look at leisure. You are a genius and I am not using that lightly – love love love how real and un-contrived the whole portfolio is.” –

Maryam and Daniel from their Wedding at St. Bartholomew’s Church

Maryam & Daniel

Dear Kevin,

Thank you so so much for sending these, the photos are just wonderful!  You captured some great photos and they are so beautifully taken and edited, thank you so so much.  We had a brilliant evening going through them, alot of laughs with some of them.

Thank you again so much for capturing the day so beautifully.  You made it all so easy and it was great to just be able to relax and not have to worry about posing!  And you captured the day perfectly.

Dorothy & Bill

The photos are great you have captured some fantastic moments – many thanks. It was such a great day, we had the most amazing day.

Gemma and Andrew

“Thanks for sending these through on the Friday, made our weekend. To say we’re thrilled with them is an understatement, we’re so glad we found someone as talented as yourself who was happy to think differently, capturing the smallest of details and telling the day seamlessly from start to finish. Your ability to blend in seamlessly didn’t go unnoticed, everyone has subsequently complimented us on how refreshing it was to have a photographer like yourself, so unobtrusive that we barely even noticed you on the day and yet you were there for it all, capturing every moment perfectly to weave a story.”

– Charlotte & Sam

Charlotte & Sam

Hi Kevin, We just wanted to get in touch to thank you you for our beautiful wedding photographs. It was surprisingly emotional looking at them because every time we look at them it feels like we’re back at the wedding – such is the power of your reportage style! You really captured some lovely moments and we can’t wait to get some of them up on the walls. Many many thanks.

Shelley & Murray

I just wanted to let you know that we love them, they are absolutely stunning. Thanks so much for sending the link to the photos we were totally bowled over by them and have had some wonderful comments from everybody who has seen them.

Michelle & Adam

Nathan and I loved the photos and our family & friends did too! We couldn’t have imagined them any better and they really capture some of the truly memorable moments. My favourite is the one of Nathan and myself doing our vows with my grandad in the background – it’s my favourite picture of him and you can really see the emotion and happiness of the day in his eyes. He’s not a huge smiler but his eyes tell it all :).

Emma & Nathan

Such an amazing set, a lot of people will be very moved with some of the images you have captured, they really mean a lot.

Julia & Chris

The photos are truly fantastic, thank you so much for all the hard work you’ve so obviously put in to them.  We both said “how on earth did Kevin get that shot? …” when looking at some of them as we didn’t see you slyly moving around.  I think it goes without saying that Bear is the star of the show, we will treasure these amazing photos of him when he goes to the great big kennel in the sky!
Thank you so much, we are so grateful and must have looked at the online link a thousand times already!

Katherine & Fraser

The photos are wonderful! We are so happy with how they turned out, you’ve captured the perfect day perfectly. I love the mix of colour and black and white photos, and i just love the photojournalism feel. My friend showed her mum the photo gallery in Australia and her mum said the photos made her feel like she was at the wedding. My mum has also shown my two grandmas and they loved them.

Emilie & Mahmood

The photos are truly phenomenal; thank you so much! You really have captured the essence of us as people and of our special day 🙂

As well as looking very stylish and beautiful, every photo makes me smile and a fair few make me laugh a lot…exactly what I was hoping for from the photos. I particularly ADORE the shots of the children and where you have captured people’s reactions to marryoke, the magician and the speeches. Really couldn’t be happier.

Claire & Thad

Thank you ever so much for our wonderful wedding photos. They brought back some fantastic memories, I started to cry as soon as I saw them! Thank you again for capturing our special day – our photos mean the world to us.


Sophie & Adam

We sat down together and watched the sideshow and we absolutely love all the photos! They really do capture the whole day perfectly. I also watched it with my mum on Skype (as she is at home in Portugal) and she cried when she saw them. They really show how much fun everyone was having which is lovely to see.

We are really going to struggle with choosing the ones to go in the album.

Katharine & Gareth

My thanks too for these photos. They really are quite spectacle, exceeded our wildest hopes by a million miles and captured what is our enduring memory of the day: warmth – even in black and white. To have even one great photo of us is a wonder – we’ve broken lenses before. But to have so many is a complete treasure. We owe you the earth.


I can’t stop looking at them, Kevin.
They are exactly what we wanted. Thank you so much.


Natalie & Andre

Thank you for the presentation, it is wonderful. We are so pleased with the results, they capture perfectly the flow, essence and joy of the day. There are many moments captured which we had not seen on the day so it has been great to speak to family and friends over the weekend to share the stories behind the shots. Once everyone has seen them, and we view them another 100 times, it will be great to reminisce over the gallery with our friends and family.

Liz & Iain

Thanks very much for the photos, both Rhian and I love them. As you said they capture the day perfectly, the day seemed to pass by so quickly and the photos you’ve captured allows us to relive everything and see lots of things that we wouldn’t necessarily have caught on the day. Thank you again for the images and for the day itself. I’m still not sure how you managed to take so many photos when I don’t remember seeing you at all!

Rhian & Leon

The photos you have given us tell such a fabulous story of the day, that we could not have wished for more.  I was saying to one of my friends yesterday that I particularly enjoy watching the slideshow of the speeches, and also of the greeting line, as the close sequence of photos recalls the sequence of events from the day so perfectly and in such detail that I can recall the words, sounds and emotions of each moment – what more could we want from our wedding photos?!  Rose


I wanted to send you an email to say thank you for the truly wonderful set of wedding photos you’ve produced for us – Rose and I absolutely love them and watching them in sequence brought back all the happy memories of the day.  Luke


Just to thank you for the wonderful photos of our daughter Rosemary’s wedding. We received our prints yesterday and they are super. It is a much nicer way of recording the day than when we were married and everyone has said how well it picked up the ambience. As you said you were completely unobtrusive; I hardly noticed you all day.  We will of course be very happy to recommend you to our friends. Kind regards, Eleanor

Rosemary & Luke

Hi Kevin, just wanted to say a huge thank you for our wedding photos, they are absolutely gorgeous and really paint a picture of the day’s events…looking through them was like replaying the day all over again. You have a wonderful and unique style which truely captures the spirit of the day. Malmesbury Abbey looked …beautiful in the snow. Thanks again!! Caroline & Stu

Caroline & Stuart

Many thanks for your email. I was away when this dropped into my inbox but it was a very nice Christmas present to come home to! We love the photos, they are everything we wanted – they capture all the little details of the flowers, cake, etc that no-one else thought to photograph and some really emotional moments. I love that you caught the whole quiz finale – which really made me laugh at the time and I didn’t even see you in the room!
(You said we wouldn’t notice your presence but I didn’t really believe you.)

Emma & Richard

Thank you so much for the photos, they are amazing! They are just what we wanted and as we sat and watched them last night it was like reliving the whole wedding day, it was great! It’s so lovely to be able to see what everyone else was doing and it looks like everyone enjoyed themselves!  We can’t thank you enough for your professionalism and friendliness that day and you made two people who hate having their photos taken relax totally and enjoy themselves without feeling the need to ‘pose’! We are now going to bore everyone by showing the photos at every opportunity!

Amanda & Paul

Kevin Thanks very much-the images are absolutely fabulous and I had a huge smile on my face when I viewed them. It may have been a small quiet wedding but you have captured some really relaxed and intimate photo’s. Set to music they are a wonderful account of our special day and I can’t thank you enough for your time and effort.

Sarah & Michael

I’ve just been looking through the photographs again (I can’t stop!) – we LOVE them all

Amy & James

We have looked at the slide show a number of times now and are going to show it to Steve’s mum tonight! We absolutely love them – they really do encapsulate everything the day was about. It’s a bit mean but we saw someone else’s wedding pictures (of their wedding) recently and all they were were people arriving and grinning straight at the camera and a load of posed groups. Nothing like yours/ours and we felt really good about it! There are so many that we want to give to different people and get framed for ourselves.

Sophie & Stephen

Hi Kevin, We are really pleased with the result as there are a lot of very good photos – we are having difficulty narrowing the images down for our album!

Laurent & Evelyne

Hi Kevin, The photos are absolutely brilliant. We looked through them last night and it was like watching a film of the whole day over again. You managed to capture all the emotions of the day without anyone even knowing. They’re truly great and we couldn’t help but giggle together as we went through them last night.

Thanks ever so much again, H & Fletch.

Hayley & Richard

Hi Kev – Thanks so much for these, they’re awesome! So many happy people 🙂 Have a fab and well deserved holiday and we’ll catch up when you’re back. xx

Caroline & Ian

Hi Kevin – Thank you so much for sending over the link to the photos, we’ve finally had chance to look at them today and absolutely love them! They look great and so lovely to see everyone having so much fun!

Laura & Stuart

Kevin – the photos are absolutely superb.  Both myself and Claire really appreciate your hard work and you have achieved some very special results

Claire & Matt

Hi Kevin, we viewed the slideshow last night and absolutely loved them! Can’t thank you enough! Regards,Dan

Sam & Daniel

Hi Kevin, Thank you so much – the photos are aboslutely stunning and we are so happy with them! I both managed to shed lots of tears and laugh at the same time! The slideshow was fantastic and you have really captured the spirit of the day. We will treasure them forever and I know our families and friends will feel exactly the same.
We’ve had lots of people asking for your details. I think this email comment from Ed’s aunt reflects why: “He was so discreet, none of that standing around for hours while your face freezes into a horrible leer”. We laughed at this but it is so very true.

Liz & Ed

Thank you very much for the beautiful images. We are all so, so impressed by them – and by how hard you worked. You have captured the mood of the day very vividly. The pictures of Pete’s elderly relatives are absolutely priceless! Some of the shots were quite overwhelming. For instance, I’ve never seen my Dad get weepy in public, as he appears to be doing during my sister’s video montage, so you have recorded something really quite rare. Also, my parents band Frogmorton perform very rarely these days so it’s great to have some lovely shots of them.

The images of the barn itself and surroundings are truly stunning, particularly the first b&w shot taken at a distance. It really sets the scene. Thank you for capturing some of the decorative details too. Superb.

Lindsay & Peter

Hi Kevin The photos are wonderful, thanks so much for coming to Hanbury despite your daughters operation, really good of you.

Isabella & Paul

Kevin – these photos are truly wonderful.  You have captured the wedding spectacularly and we are all so pleased with the results

Ruth & Geraint

We’ve been through the photos and they’re great. Thanks so much, we’ll be sending the link on to people so I would expect some orders to come in.  Thanks again – you did a brilliant job!

Vicky & Alex

The pictures themselves are wonderful and we love them. Thank you so much. Thank you so much also for our beautiful album and wonderful gift! It’s brilliant !!! We love it ! Warm regards Poppy and Rasim x

Poppy & Rasim

We absolutely love the wedding pictures and they are so much better then we thought they could be. Our family and friends love them too.

Kate & Scott

Kevin, I’ve finally managed to download the photos through our archaic internet link – my God, I am so very, very, very glad that we found you. The photos are absolutely incredible – it’s lovely to be reminded of how beautiful everything was and how much fun we and our guests had.

You have captured such a diversity of events, facial expressions (!) and moods, and it is a surprisingly complete account of our day – thank you for covering everything so well.My mother, I know, will laugh like a drain at those of her, but the ones of my father are very moving. As a family, we don’t seem to do so well at the posed photographs .Thanks also for taking so many of our friends – it does make me wonder what a gamble it must be for you, not knowing who is especially important – but you have captured everything.

I’m surprised at how many wonderful ones you have of Dom and I – it really reinforces to me why we wanted reportage, but some of the posed ones have come out incredibly well, haven’t they? Melissa

Melissa & Domenic

Hi Kevin We both just wanted to thank-you so much for the amazing photographs we really love them. Andy & Shelley 🙂

Shelley & Andy

They are such fabulous photos – I am giggle-crying through each one!! And i’m only half way through! Can’t wait for my second instalment with a glass of vino this evening… We are thrilled with the photos, they tell a wonderful story of our day. Thank you so so much for working your magic!. Thank you so so much Ali x

Ali & Matt

Hi Kevin, Wow we absolutely love the photos! Thank you very much, you captured our day beautifully!! So many lovely moments, and so wonderful to have a photo from every part of our day.

We absolutely love the shots! Thank you!! Thanks very much again for these stunning photos from our day.

Rob & Laure

Hi Kevin,  the photos have bought great pleasure all round. Huge thanks for a superb job. I will be very surprised if there aren’t a few customers for some prints! Meantime, Sophie and I just enjoy logging in and replaying the whole sequence…Very best regards.

Sophie & Chris

Oh Kevin, these pics are just brilliant!  We are so so pleased, and have spent hours looking at them, over and over again!  You’ve captured some great moments, and its amazing to see the day again from another perspective.  Thank you so much!  Hope all is going well with you – looks like you have been really busy and have loads coming up.

I’m not surprised as you are brilliant! Thanks again!

Steph & Tom

They are such fabulous photos – I am giggle-crying through each one!! And i’m only half way through! Can’t wait for my second installment with a glass of vino this evening… We are thrilled with the photos, they tell a wonderful story of our day. Thank you so so much for working your magic!. Thank you so so much Ali x

Tim & Ali

Kevin, Kevin, Kevin, OMG…….you have done a fantastic job, we have spent the last half an hour or more, crying and laughing with elation! You have done an amazing job for us and our family and friends……absolutely awesome!! Thankyou so much.

Tim & Sharon