Tenderness ~ Why I love this Wedding Picture

I was recently in the South West of France shooting the gorgeous Château wedding of Rickie and Will.

I photograph several weddings outside of the UK each year, and this year will see me photographing weddings not only in France but also in Ireland, Portugal, Norway and Italy.

Regardless of where the wedding is, however, I always shoot with the same documentary wedding photography approach.

This approach is fairly simple;  My objective is always to try and capture emotion filled moments throughout the whole day.  I’m not a “spray and pray” type photographer, and it’s crucially important to me that moments are not affected by the presence of me, the photographer.

For example, take this image where Rickie is being greeted by her grandmother in the immediate moments after the wedding ceremony.  I already understood there was a close bond by simply watching the way they interacted with each other throughout the two days I spent with them.

It was important to me to try and make a pictorial record of this bond, but it’s absolutely crucial that I don’t interfere with these moments.

I can get this shot, very quickly and quietly and then move away letting them continue with their private moment.

Imagine if my presence, with the clack clack clack of twenty or thirty clicks of the camera actually stopped this moment from happening?  Imagine if this precious memory simply didn’t happen, or was interrupted because of the photographer?

To that end, I always ensure that I photograph weddings as sympathetically as possible and with a clear objective of letting the wedding flow around me, rather than me directing or interfering in any part.

I really love this picture.  There is a clear emotional bond and I talk a lot at my workshops and conference talks about the “humanity” element of wedding photography which I think is evident in this photograph.

I really hope you like this photograph too.

french chateau wedding