Swiss Alps Wedding Photography

Swiss Alps Wedding Photography

Swiss Alps Wedding Photography: Back in January, I headed over to Switzerland for a two-day wedding in and around Zurich and the Swiss Alps.

As is often the norm on the continent, the civil (legal) ceremony occurred separately (and is a much smaller event) than the main celebrational day.

In this case, the civil wedding was at a beautiful town hall just outside Zurich on a Thursday.

The bride was Iranian so there was a mixed cultural element to both days – each of which was beautiful.

Swiss Alps Wedding Photography Photofilm

Just below, you can see the wedding photofilm both days.

Some of my favourite stills follow.

Turn the sound up and if watching on a mobile device, remember it’s best to watch it full screen.

Just press the white “play” button.

Some of my favourite Stills

Below you will see a lot of my favourite images from the two days I spent in Switzerland.

Day 1 – The Legal Ceremony near Zurich

As I mentioned, this is often a much smaller event and usually includes just close friends and family.

However, this is the legal element of the bond, and technically marks the start of married life.

It was a beautiful ceremony, reminiscent of the typical registrar led wedding we might have here in the UK.

Although the weather was bitingly cold, it was a gorgeously sunny Swiss morning.

Something that tickled me a little, was that the celebrant insisted I took a photography of the wedding certificate as an indication to the bride of what her new signature should look like.

A very different approach to document that we experience in the UK!

The groom’s best man (you’ll see a lot of him in the photo film and below) is a Buddhist Monk and he recited a wonderful chant during the ceremony that personally I don’t think I’ll ever forget.

Day 2 – To the Swiss Alps

A couple of days later, we headed high up into the Swiss Alps to a fairy-tale hotel perched on the side of Lake Thun.

A long, but beautiful day.

The ceremony was a blend of traditional Christian and Iranian elements with some very poignant moments.

If you’ve ever attended a Swiss wedding, you’ll know there are a lot of pop-up speeches, dances, quizzes and all kinds of other events unknown to the bride and groom.

After a wonderful wedding breakfast, the dancing went on late into the night.….. and what a night.

How did I do at this Swiss Alps Wedding?

Thanks so much to Alex Wales for all her support during the weekend.

I hope you like the images as much as I do.

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Destination: Switzerland | Venue: Swiss Alps | Setting: Destination Wedding