The Interlinking Fingers – Why I love this Wedding Photo

A little while back I posted the wedding of Chloe & Matt at St. Audries Park in Somerset.

In this Why I Love your Wedding Photos post, I’m going to talk about one of my favourite images from this wedding.

I’ve talked about the power of human connection, eye contact and physical touch, many times before on my website.

As a pure documentary wedding photographer, it’s my responsibility to keep my eye out for these kinds of moments.

Along with the registrar or vicar, I’m usually the only person with visual access to this part of the wedding and this exact moment happens at almost every wedding.

Once the bride has made her way to the front of the aisle, almost always the bride and groom will interlink hands or fingers like this.

It’s a powerful moment in time.

This is the very embryonic stages of a new family forming and this exact moment in time is the first time the couple will physically connect on their wedding day.

As a documentary wedding photographer, I’m obsessed with moments like this and you just can’t stage these moments.

While some photographers may try and direct and control your wedding day, I’ll allow it to flow totally freely and concentrate on the very emotive moments that happen at every wedding.

st audries park wedding photographer

I hope you like what you see, and please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your wedding photography.

If you’d like to see where this image fits in Chloe and Matt’s wedding, just click play below:

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