Shhh! Why I love this picture

I’m particularly fond of this picture shot at a wedding earlier in the summer.

I like it for a couple of reasons;  primarily as a wedding picture, of course, I think it tells a story about a couple, getting married.  Simple.

The back story, however, is probably a familiar tale to many wedding photographers up and down the country. I knew the vicar wasn’t keen on images being taken during the ceremony and whilst I always obey the officiant, on this particular day I was shooting my first wedding with the silent X100S.

This shot is taken during a hymn.  At this point, from my back-of-the-church position, I needed to tie up my shoelaces.  So, as a test of its stealth, I set the camera up on self-time for a 10-second shot.

Whilst doing my laces up, I placed the camera on the floor.

By the time I’d done my laces, the shot had been taken.  Totally silently and without me even being involved in the exposure.

Pretty clever huh?

As I say, I will always obey the officiant on the day – especially in churches.

In this case, I spoke to the vicar afterwards and showed him the image.  He was gracious and impressed and hopefully, it will be a loosener for future weddings and photographers there.