Raw Emotion – Why I love this picture

As a documentary wedding photographer it’s my responsibility to ensure I capture the very essence of the wedding day, but without the shackles of long lists of formal group shots and cheesy staged images.

This means, however, that part of my job is to understand each wedding and the get an idea of the key people as soon as possible.

When shooting Amy and Seva’s Indian Wedding Photography recently I was well aware of all the mini-ceremonies that would take place throughout the day.

I was particularly conscious of the “going away” time, where Amy, the bride, leaves her family home for the last time and heads off with her new husband.

I knew, from the time I photography Kajal’s wedding (Amy’s sister) several years ago how much love and affection were in the family and so I really wanted to report this element of the day with as much sincerity, but also sympathy for the moment, as possible.

During this part of the day, it’s very busy, lots of friends and family wishing Amy and Seva well and so I’m really right in amongst everyone when getting this shot.

This is Kajal with her face to us, embracing her sister Amy.

I’m not sure anything else needs to be said about the image except that it makes me smile a lot.  I’m very proud of this image and its one that really is a moment in time, contrived, captured forever.

asian wedding photography

I really love it & I hope you do too.