Proud Dad – Why I Love this Wedding Photo

Last year, I photographed the beautiful Suffolk marquee wedding of Harriet and Thomas.

I’ve selected an image from their wedding for today’s Why I Love this Wedding Picture feature.

You’ll know if you have read this blog, that as a documentary wedding photographer I take immense pride in being as much an observer as a technical photographer.

I strongly believe that anybody can “push the button” on the camera, but only the person behind the camera can make the picture.

For this image, I loved watching Harriet and her dad walking down the aisle at St Mary Magdalene church, Debenham.

I’m always watching for those fleeting glances, the little looks, the emotion, the love that sparkles at this time.

In this case, I don’t think Harriet’s dad could look more proud and for that reason, I love this wedding photograph and I hope you do too.

wedding photographer

Shortly after this moment, Harriet’s dad performed the traditional, but not very common, veil lift, which was also a beautiful moment.

It’s a really nice combination of moments that happens at most weddings and one I’m very privileged to capture for my clients.

suffolk wedding photographer

If you would like to see the whole wedding photofilm from Harriet and Tom’s wedding, it’s right below.

You may also wish to check out my Instagram page for more of my favourite wedding photos.