The Preparation – Why I love this picture

Bridal preparation is that time of the wedding day where it’s either completely crazy, or a Zen like calm falls over proceedings.

This particular shot was taken back in May last year at Clearwell Castle in Gloucestershire.  It’s one of my favourite shots I have taken on the X-Pro1 for a number of reasons.

Primarily I really like the composition and the light in the image.  As you know, with the exception of any “formal” group shots, my wedding photography is pure reportage.  This means I don’t direct or interfere in any way.  The pictures I present are accurate representations of what happened on the day.

So, one of the reasons I like this image is because the dress is hanging, almost perfectly at the back-right of the photograph.  And the bridal make up is happening in almost perfect window light.

It was early days for me with the X-Pro1 here and I *think* it may have been one of the first times I’d used the 18mm lens at a wedding.  Either way, it certainly meant I could squeeze into the corner of the room and as quietly as possible wait, and shoot, the shot I wanted.

Purists will note the shoes on the floor, the clothes near the radiator and the heated-rollers thingy (what are they called?) bottom right.  I could of course have asked the make up artist to stop what she was doing, asked the bride to be to clean up the room and all the time stood there metering the scene.  By which time the entire moment would have evaporated.

Images like this may tell multiple stories.  There are layers of detail and memories for me within the photograph.  Hopefully the bride can look at this image and be taken right back to that un-interrupted moment.  She may even look at the heated-roller thingy in twenty years time and think how out of date technology was when she got married (perhaps).

Technical Details:

Camera: Fujifilm X-Pro1
Lens: XF18mm F2
Focal Length: 18mm
ISO: 320
Exposure: 1/125th second at f/2
Flash: Did not fire

Bridal Prep Photography at Clearwell Castle