It’s getting really close to your wedding now and I’m really looking forward to photographing it for you.

As you know, I am a reportage wedding photographer and you chose me specifically for my style.  What sets reportage photographers apart from the others is that I strive to tell the story of your day through natural pictures rather than set after set of formal posed images and dull group shots.

You have spent a lot of money on your wedding and I know you would rather spend your time during the day with your friends and family rather than being directed by the photographer and for that reason, I encourage my clients to have as few formal group shots as necessary.

This is often the most tedious part of the day for many of the guests and it can often take a long time to organise each group.

For any group shots you do require, please prime an usher, best man, a member of the family of a wedding planner to be on hand to “gather” the relevant people.

If you can give a list of the group shots to that person in advance too that would be helpful so they can get an idea in advance.

Because most people’s experience of wedding photographers is the dreaded “grip and grin bossy photographer” it may be helpful to explain to your bridal party and immediate family that my style is different to that and I won’t boss them around, or in fact, ask to them to anything at all.

Sometimes people expect me to start taking formal photos at every stage – because that’s what they remember it being like at their own wedding. 

It may be worth mentioning to them before the wedding that that simply isn’t my style.  Hopefully, they will relax and enjoy the day whilst I get on and capture those special moments that you can only really get in a reportage way.

I will tell the story of your wedding through pictures but I do have one little piece of advice that may help:

If you can fill in the form below I’d be very grateful.

You can choose any last minute extras here also, and once I have this form, I will send over the invoice for the final balance.

Feel free to email/call if you have any questions on any of it.  I’ll confirm receipt once it drops into my mailbox.

Thanks, Kevin

Pre Wedding Questionnaire

Pre Wedding Questions for your wedding
  • Please enter the date of your wedding.
  • Please add the full name and address including a Sat Nav achievable postcode of the ceremony.
  • Please add the full name and address including a Sat Nav achievable postcode of the reception.
  • Please add the full name and address including a Sat Nav achievable postcode of the prep location if applicable.
  • Please enter the time of Bridal Prep if applicable. Please Note: I need to be at the ceremony location 45 minutes before the ceremony starts. If you have purchased a time-based coverage from me please bear this in mind. I would normally spend 30-45 minutes with the bride during prep photography.
  • Please double check the photographic restrictions (if any) with your vicar/priest or registrar. On the day I will obviously abide by any rules they have but it's useful to know these in advance.
  • The time guests will be called to sit down for the wedding breakfast.
  • Any parking issues or information at any of the venues? If a permit is required, please add details of where the permit will be left.
    If yes, please pop the details in the space provided.
  • Roughly what time are the speeches? Before the meal, after the main course etc?
  • Please enter details of any formal group shots. Please note that, as you know, my style is as a wedding photojournalist and a vast majority of my clients have no formal photography at all, preferring to spend their time with friends and family. However, if you choose to have a couple of formal shots, please advise an usher also of the list so they can be responsible for gathering the relevant people at the correct time.
  • Do you have a wedding planner? If so, please leave details.
  • Additions Below are a few options that you may consider around this time. If you would like to add any of these options, please select them here and I will send you a full invoice covering the final balance.
  • If you choose this, you will receive all of your wedding photographs in both monochrome and colour. An average wedding will usually yield around 60% black and white.
  • If you choose this, your wedding photographs will be edited and online withing three working days of the wedding. Standard editing can take up to six weeks during the busy part of the year.
  • If you have not already got Dancing Coverage as part of your package.
  • If you have not ordered an album with your wedding package, you can choose to do so now.
  • A professional audio recording of the wedding speeches.
  • A Fast Motion Photo Film is a unique product offering that some clients have been loving. You can see an example of one of these below.
  • £ 0.00