The Prayer ~ Why I love this picture

Kids at weddings often do the most amazing things.  It’s part of my job as the wedding photographer to be there to capture those moments.

This weekend, I shot a wedding down at The Grand Hotel, Brighton.  I don’t normally publish images before the complete wedding is edited, but on this occasion I’m making an exception.

This little girl was the bridesmaid, and before the wedding I could really get a sense of her excitement growing before it was “her” big moment to walk down the aisle.

Prior to that, she stopped, and had a little pray.  Now, I have no idea whether it was a “play pray” or a real pray – it makes no difference to the essence of the image really.

I was a nice moment, and I enjoyed making a picture out of it.

Kids at weddings, as mentioned, can be very engaging and offer a wealth of subject focus for a documentary wedding photographer like me.  You may wish to check out a photo film I did call The Little Things about this very subject.  It’s a few years old now, but, well…. you’ll get the gist.

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Technical Details:

  • Camera:  Fujifilm X-T1
  • Lens: XF56mm F/1.2
  • Focal Length:  56mm
  • ISO: 800
  • Exposure:  1/200th second at f/1.2
  • Flash:  Did not fire

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Children at Weddings