Inside > Out

As a wedding photographer I want to give to my clients, the types of pictures I would love at my own wedding.

This is why I often say to my clients that I shoot weddings “From the Inside, Out”.  By that, I mean I really want their images to be representative of the view the guests would have got from their wedding.

I want the images to be emotive and I want the images to conjure up memories of the wedding:

me and my dad Motherly Love Bride at Wellington Barn
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When I say I want my clients to remember the photographs, and not me, the photographer, I mean that.

It is so important to me that my clients enjoy their day and spend it with their friends and family, rather than having a fashion shoot for hours on end with the photographer. That’s find of course for people that want that, and there are plenty of great photographers out there that will offer that, but for me, really – I want to be the eye on the inside. I don’t want my clients wedding pictures to be the photographers contrived view of the wedding, I want the wedding pictures to be the real, honest view of the wedding.

indian wedding photography-1So, when I say I’m shooting from the Inside, Out I mean that I’m delivering hopefully emotive images from the very heart of the wedding.

By doing this, I firmly believe that you can tell the true story of the wedding, and really emphasise the feel of the day itself.