Kids being Kids

I’ll tell anybody who will listen, that this style of wedding photography we call “photojournalism”, which is entirely based around candid photography, that sometimes the best candid moments come from Photographing Children at Weddings.

I spend my time at weddings waiting, and waiting, and waiting for that perfect moment to press the shutter releases.

Sometimes you have to move on because a potential moment or image has been lost.  Perhaps someone walks between the subject and me, or the light drastically changes, or there is something cluttering up the background too much.  All of these issues arise at every single wedding I photograph.  I can work with all of this situations – usually by waiting longer, moving my physical position or simply going away and concentrating on something else.

However, there is one attribute that is woven into the fabric of the human genome and that is curiosity.  I think they said “curiosity killed the cat” but it certainly kills many wonderful documentary wedding photographs.

Let me explain;  Eye contact for me is paramount.  Anybody who has been to any of my talks on documentary wedding photography will know that I talk about eye contact as being an essential part of many successful photos.  Generally, I mean eye contact between subjects.  A mediocre image can be made brilliant simply by the shift of an eye – that subtle glance between bride and groom, the first sighting, a knowing glance across the wedding reception table.  You get the idea.  However, all this can be killed, instantly if the subject looks directly at the camera.

Now, I don’t mind people spotting me – that will happen, of course it will, and often it can make an interesting image, but as a general rule you don’t want your primary subject in a candid wedding photograph to be staring straight down the barrel of the lens.

Unless…… they are kids.  Kids break the rules.  When it comes to Photographing Children at Weddings I will patiently wait until they look at me – still in a natural context but they are so inquisitive, sensitive and full of wonder that, for me at least, images of kids, children and babies looking straight at me are part of what I try to capture during the day.

Kids make amazing photography subjects at weddings. Photographing Children at Weddings is perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of being a documentary photographer as they are so unpredictable   .  However, they do the most amazing things and funny things too.  All of which, as the wedding photographer, it’s my duty to capture.

Press play below, go full screen if you wish, turn the sound up and take a look at some of my favourite images photographing children at weddings over the last year or so,  I hope you enjoy it and as always, please feel free to share on social media or comment below.


  1. Totally agree, kids really do make a wedding. I have had over the years clients book me because I have lots of kids on my site just like you, my most recent client had 45 children at the wedding out of a total of 65 guests, I was in my element 🙂 they do such funny things but at the same time you catch the child in them, I could go on forever. I will send you a link so you can see for yourself.

  2. Incredible images Kevin, I am (as usual) in awe of the way you make a piece of art out of an image I wouldn’t take a second look at if I was ever lucky enough to grab on my camera! True photojournalism at it’s best but so much more than that too! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Just wonderful Kevin, makes me wonder what as parents we miss when looking but not seeing. You have certainly looked and definitely seen….some very humorous faces and wise eyes amongst the young. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Really lovely work Kevin! I totally agree that photographing children at weddings is one of the most enjoyable parts of the job as they are so unpredictable. Great shot to end the slideshow with as well!!

  5. A great post! The same rules apply when we’re filming weddings too – the kids so often make the best subjects and can turn an ordinary moment into pure magic with their unpredictability and a bit of mischief! Beautiful work as always Kevin!

  6. Awesome stuff! Personally I love how kids set a lighter tone to wedding church services. They’re like unpaid little actors who spice up the venue, just by being themselves. Seeing this, I decided that I should add more kids shots to my wedding gallery, so thank you for inspiring me!

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