The Passion – Why I Love these Oxfordshire Wedding Pictures

It’s a fresh year and with fresh impetus, I’m going to relaunch my Why I Love these Pictures series with these three images from a recent Oxfordshire Wedding.

It was hands down, an amazing wedding.

Beyond the glamour and glitz of every wedding, however, there is a genuine story of love between two people.

In this case, Sophie and Daniel displayed their love an affection for each other many times throughout the day.

For me, as the photographer, I try and see the intimate details that others don’t see.

I try and capture the moments that the couple will want to remember forever.

But I never stage or direct these moments in time.

I’m there as the curator of these memories, not the creator and when moments like the series below occur I capture them for eternity.

The Passion – Why I Love these Oxfordshire Wedding Pictures (The Backstory)

There are three images below, rather than the usual one that I use in this series.

However, in this case, it makes sense to discuss the three images together.

The ceremony of their Oxfordshire Wedding had just finished.

The congregation departed through one door, while Sophie and Daniel departed through another.

Here, they were to wait until the ushers had organised the confetti tunnel.

And this is where this moment played out.  And it’s a moment (or three), that I love.

It’s pretty evident in my opinion that this secret, stolen moment, that only I saw and the bride and groom shared, will be a cherished moment for them and their family.

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So, this is why I love this wedding picture and I hope you do too.


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