My Best Friends – Why I love this picture

Sometimes it’s not about the “art” (actually, quite a lot of the times).  It’s not about the composition, it’s not about the light.  It’s simply about the moment in time.

Moments like this at Georgina and Nick’s wedding at The Haymarket Hotel, London at Christmas time a couple of years back really, really make me smile.

The Haymarket Hotel is a gorgeous place, and when there are lots of people all jostling for the attention of the bride after the ceremony it has an energy and a vibrancy about it that I think really comes to life in the winter there.

This image is simply about “friends”.  Friends, love and happiness.  You can’t see Georgina’s face in this image and in fact, you can’t see the face of a couple of the friends.

What I saw and what I waited to capture though was the relationship between them.  The interlinking arms between them all tells the story in its entirety.

Incidentally, I’ve recently spent some time with Georgina and Scott shooting a “Day in the Life” story of them and their gorgeous new baby girl.

It’s not an image that will win any awards, but it’s one of my favourite images from the 2013 season as really…..isn’t this what weddings are all about?  Friend, love and happiness?



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Technical Details:

  • Camera:  Fujifilm XE2
  • Lens: XF23mm F1.4R
  • Focal Length:  23mm
  • ISO: 4,000
  • Exposure:  1/125th second at f/1.4
  • Flash:  Did not fire

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Some girlfriends at a wedding