Today’s Why I Love This Wedding Photo entry is from the adorable wedding of Tim and Kat that I photographed at Nash Point Lighthouse recently.

It was a small wedding, in a tiny venue, but was possibly one of the most charming weddings I’ve shot to date.

I always talk to my students about the importance of looking for “connections”.

This normally manifests itself in the human touch or eye contact.

In this case, the emotion is evident between the young mum and dad and their new baby (who were guests at the wedding).

It’s super important to photograph the key events at a wedding, but as a pure documentary wedding photographer, it’s the sum of the parts that make up the whole when telling a wedding story.

I concentrate on the combination of light, composition and moment, but ultimately the moment has to be the trump factor – and that moment has to be untouched and uninterrupted by me the photographer.

I really love this image, and I hope you like the picture too.

Nash Point Lighthouse Wedding

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