What can I say about Low-Light Winter Weddings?

Well, for one, they are always, without exception, romantic occasions.

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In the UK, we are not blessed with guaranteed good weather in the summer months so some people opt to have Low-Light Winter Weddings.

I’ve been privileged to be the wedding photographer at many many winter weddings both here in the UK and abroad too.

When it comes to planning low-light winter weddings, it’s imperative to select a photographer who will be able to work with the often more challenging lighting conditions.

I pride myself on being able to shoot weddings in any condition, and as discreet as possible.

Low-Light Winter Weddings doesn’t mean, as the photographer, I have to use flash guns which can ruin the ambiance of the day.  Rather, I work with the light, not against it, and will use the subtle differences in winter light to observe and document your wedding as discreetly as possible.

I’ve been shooting winter weddings since 2008 and that’s one of the reasons many couples choose my discrete style of wedding storytelling.

My aim, when shooting any wedding is to give my clients a real sense of emotion and story from their wedding day.  Shooting weddings in the winter does not mean that my philosophy changes.  In fact, I embrace winter weddings and look forward to

In fact, I embrace winter weddings and look forward to everyone.  I’m a sucker for crisp cold winter days.

Below is a selection of Low-Light Winter Weddings that I have photographed.  If you appreciate my documentary wedding photography style and would like to talk to me about your wedding, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Cripps Stone Barn Wedding of Charity & Han-Rui

Cripps Stone Barn Wedding

It was cold and wet outside, but the wedding of Charity & Han-Rui at the Cotswold Wedding Venue Cripps Barn in December 2015 was anything but that.  It was a lovely, fun-filled, warm and emotive wedding.

Take a look at their wedding photographs to see what I mean.

Henley Town Hall Wedding of Lucy & Nick

Henley Town Hall Wedding

Another dark and cold day, but the wedding inside Henley Town hall of Lucy and Nick was anything but cold.

Take a look at their Henley Town Hall Wedding wedding photographs to see what I mean.

Upper Slaughter Wedding of Helen & Lewis

It was wet, but still glorious on this dark December day for Helen & Lewis’s wedding in Upper Slaughter.

Take a look at their Upper Slaughter Wedding photographs to see what I mean.