Love – Why I love this picture

I was really honoured recently to be asked to shoot the Sikh element of the wedding between Amy & Seva.

I’d known Amy for a long time as I shot her sisters wedding over four years ago.

This wedding is just being wrapped up in my post processing, but this particular image I wanted to share here in this series because its kind of unconventional (I’ll explain why in a moment) but I really do love it.

Quite rightly, a good wedding photographer will focus a lot on the bride and groom throughout the day, but for me, the moments after the ceremony are often where I will find my core pictures and its not always the bride (or groom) that needs to be the subject of the image.

In this particular example, I was stood fairly close to Amy when she approached her aunty.  It would have been to abrupt to simply shoot from where I was stood as I would have definitely interfered with the moment and so I made the decision to step away but focus on the aunty, rather than the bride for the image.

I really love this photograph, its raw, its honest, its got integrity I guess but most of all, its a frame captured of a very tender time between two family members on Amy’s wedding day.

sekh wedding

I hope you like it too.