Why I love this picture – The Laughter

I’m adapting my Image-of-the-Week series a little this year.  Mostly, because I never managed to do the posting on a regular weekly basis.  So, for now, I’m simply going to talk about an image that I like, explain why I like it and discuss, perhaps, a little about the technicalities behind the shot.  I hope you enjoy my ramblings…..

So, this shot was taken in November last year at Richard & Laurie’s wedding at Barnsley House, Gloucestershire.  This picture is not of Richard, the groom, rather it’s of the best man and whilst editing it struck me for a number of reasons.

Initially the colours and the warmth of the autumnal scene in the tones came through – there is a colour and hue that is almost only available in the UK for a couple of weeks it seems per year.  Richard and Laurie chose the date of their wedding, partly, because of the autumn colours that would be abundant and luckily (as the wedding was outside) the weather obeyed their wishes.

And you know what I like most about the picture?  The laughter.  There is an element of photography that is all technical…… composition, sharpness, limbs chopped off etc., but to be totally honest I will rarely allow any of those “rules” affect me taking a picture that I think will capture a moment of that day – forever.

I like the fact that the best man is framed by Richard and another guest, but that’s partly coincidental.  To me the image is all about the smile and the happiness…… and that’s what wedding photography is all about right?

Shot on the amazing Fuji X-Pro1 the detail in the image is amazing and it’s one I like very much from last year.

Technical Details:

Camera:  Fujifilm X-Pro1
Lens: XF35mm F1.4
Focal Length:  35mm
ISO: 200
Exposure:  1/640 second at f/1.4
Flash:  Did not fire

A best man having fun at a wedding