First Look ~ Why I Love this Wedding Picture at Loseley Park

First Look ~ Why I Love this Wedding Picture at Loseley Park; I find myself in the very enviable position at most weddings at the front of the ceremony room.

This gives me the perfect vantage point to curate those tiny details and memories that will hopefully live with the bride and groom forever.

One of the things I talk about to my students at my Wedding Photojournalism Workshops is the idea that throughout the day, there are snippets of very fleeting moments that really do make up the very fabric of people’s personal history together.

With the viewpoint, I have in this lovely image of Jocelyn and JY’s wedding at Loseley Park last year I am able to watch, anticipate and shoot the very moment they see each other for the first time on their wedding day.

At this particular Loseley Park wedding, we weren’t blessed with great weather, but we were blessed with great people and this type of image really encapsulates this for me.

Without sounding cliche, there is a tradition here, the handing over of a daughter to become a wife, and whilst there are a thousand other things happening in the room at the same time – it’s that fleeting eye contact that I’m waiting for.

I don’t want to interfere with the proceedings by shooting hundred’s of photos and “hoping for the best”.

As a professional who has been shooting weddings for almost ten years, I believe I have a good grasp of moment anticipation and I can still shoot these tiny moments, without ruining the moment at the same time.

Whenever I shoot this part of the wedding I seem to age 15 years myself and know that one day, I’m likely to be walking my own daughter down the aisle and I know, as a father, that it will be an incredibly special moment.

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So, this is why I love this wedding picture and I hope you do too.

Loseley Park Wedding