Fuji X100: Image of the Week #7

Back Story:

Earlier in the year I traveled over to Cork, Ireland on a plane with propellers (I don’t like flying by the way).  The reason; I was to be a guest at a very good friend of mines wedding.  My friend, from my days at London Welsh, was marrying his long term sweetheart at The Imperial Hotel in Cork.  I wasn’t the official photographer, which was a good thing really, but I did take my as then new best friend, the Fuji X100 with me to get some no-pressure reportage wedding photography in on the trip.

As it happened, the X100 was a stunning performer and I managed to get around 100 images that I feel were worthy of a commercial wedding shoot.  The Fuji X100 is just a marvellous piece of technology for us documentary wedding photographers.  The image below is one of my favourites from the day.  This was the moment before the first dance, which was sometime after Gin-and-Tonic O’clock.  My friend Mikey and his new wife Val are just about to come onto the dance floor.  Another good friend of mine, Robbo, is also in the door way with them.  For all its technical imperfections, I really genuinely love this photo.  It shows Mikey and Val having so much fun on their wedding day, which was evident throughout the entire wedding.  I like the fact that the band are about to strike up and other members of the party waiting in preparation for the big entrance (in fact, I do believe that another one of my future clients there with that little camera).

Technical Details:

Camera: Fuji Finepix X100
1/50th Second
Flash: Did not fire
Focal Length:


This image is all ambient light.  You can see from the EXIF data that it was exposed handheld, in manual at 3200 ISO at 1/50th of a second.  This is DSLR performance in a small can.  I wouldn’t have taken my DSLRs as a guest and only the Fuji X100 could have got an image like this in these dark circumstances and kept the amount of detail it has.  The image was corrected in Lightroom before being processed in Nik Silver Efex Pro 2.0.  I’ve emulated a Kodac 400 TMAX Pro Film, added a slight warmth, dodged a little and added grain (yes, added grain) and a slight vignette added in photoshop after.

The Finished Photograph:

Cork Wedding Photographer