Why I love this picture – Mates

Bringing the Why I Love series back to life this morning I wanted to quickly talk about this image from Natasha and Andy’s wedding that I shot a few weeks back.

“Chimping” in the industry, is when the photographer checks the image on the back of the camera.  We all chimp to a certain extent, some less than others.  Of course, in the days of film you couldn’t chimp but times are different now.  I chimp a lot less than five years ago, but perhaps still a little too much when I use my DSLRs.

One of the benefits of working with the Fuji systems is you can chimp directly in the viewfinder if you so wish and I sometimes turn the image review on at the beginning of a session (say the drinks reception) just to make sure exposures are OK etc.

When this picture popped up in front of me I immediately knew it would be a candidate for the Why I Love series.  Why?  Because I love it of course but because I could see the very close bond that Andy (central in the frame) had with his friends.  They were very close, and they simply had a great time at the wedding.  Which makes my job very easy.

Mates….being, well, mates.  Lovely


Technical Details:

Camera:  Fujifilm X-Pro1
Lens: XF35mm F1.4
Focal Length:  35mm
ISO: 2,000
Exposure:  1/300th second at f/1.4
Flash:  Did not fire

Mates Laughing at a Wedding