First Dance Wedding Photo – Why I Love this Picture

In Today’s Why I Love this Wedding Photo I explore a First Dance Wedding Photo from Kirsten & Chris’s Bickley Mill Inn Wedding.

You’ll know by now if you are planning your own wedding, that there are certain things almost expected of you.

One of those things is the First Dance.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’d say around 20 per cent of my clients choose not to have the first dance, but it’s still “the norm”.

Chris and Kirsten had a lovely winter wedding at the amazing Bickley Mill Inn and they kicked off the evening with an epic First Dance.

If I remember rightly, for this First Dance Wedding Photo, they started slowly with a slow song and a bit of a shuffle before the band burst into Cotton Eye Joe and the couple erupted into movement.

Being a professional photographer, I always speak to the band or DJ before the dance to find out whether I need to be prepared for a slow song, or a fast one.

In this case, the answer was “both”.

I hope you love this First Dance Wedding Photo as much as I do.

Kirsten & Chris First Dance Wedding Photo at Bickley Mill Inn

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I hung around for a couple of hours after the first dance and there was plenty more epic dancing.

A few of those shots you can see below, and I’ll also put the whole wedding photofilm below should you be interested.

First Dance Wedding Photo – Full Photofilm

You can see the full blog post of Kirsten and Chris’s Bickley Mill In Wedding.

To whet your appetite, I’ve embedded the photofilm below.

Just click the big white play button, and remember, if you are watching on a tablet or phone, it’s best viewed in full screen.