Why I love this picture ~ First Dance at Kingscote Barn

Its been a little while since I was at this venue last, but I was there this past weekend and I have to say I really love this first dance at Kingscote Barn picture.

The whole wedding day had been fantastic and both Amanda and Sid, the bride and groom, their guests, friends and family had been on fine form throughout.

The weather, though a bit chilly, was great considering it was the tail end of a very wet winter here in Gloucestershire.

I’ve selected this first dance at Kingscote Barn picture for my Why I love this picture series today because it really sums up the day perfectly.

I can tell you right now that Amanda and Sid are totally in love, and this was so obvious throughout the day.

I can also tell you that their friends were so happy for them it was practically tangible.

When the first dance happened, it was actually over quite quick, but I’d already made my mind up that I wanted a shot that incorporated both Amanda and Sid, but also as many of the guests as possible.

Luckily, in this instance, the ever-brilliant organising staff at Kingscote Barn, had ushered everyone into the main dancing room in time for the first dance kick off.

I positioned myself so I could get both the bride and the groom and background in the scene.

The lighting is tricky during all first dance’s and this was no exception, I’m having to rely on the lights emitted from the band lighting system behind me.

I think what makes this first dance at Kingscote Barn picture so special to me is the background.  I only shot this wedding last weekend but already I’ve found myself returning to this image and every time I see something new in the background ….and each thing I find makes me smile.

I hope this image makes you smile too.  Please feel free to share on social media or comment below.

A First Dance at Kingscote Barn:

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Technical Details:

  • Camera:  Fujifilm X-T1
  • Lens: XF23mm F1.4
  • ISO: 4,000
  • Exposure:  1/125th second at f/1.4
  • Flash:  Did not fire