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Family Photography by Kevin Mullins

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  • Family Photoshoot on the Beach

    Family Photoshoot on the Beach

    Family Photoshoot on the beach – A wonderful family session at the beaches of San Jose in Andalusia, Spain.

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    A Portrait of Albie – For My Wife

    A personal photo film of my little boy, Albie. Shot for my wife.

  • Family Photographer in London

    I’ve been the Family Photographer in London for this family for over six years. This is the latest instalment.

  • Birth Photography in London

    Birth Photography in London: I shot a Day in the Life story recently…with a difference. We started the day photographing M at home with mum and dad. I’ve shot her several times, including her Birth Photography in London nearly three years previously. You can see that story here if you wish. However, today was as…

  • A Mini Family Photoshoot in London

    Mini Family Photoshoot in London of Baby G and her mum and dad. I photographed the wedding of G’s mum and dad around a year before they asked me to spend an hour or so with them, and their new baby at their apartment in London. I remember at the wedding that the then-new Bride and Groom…

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    Day in the Life Photoshoot

    A few more images from the recent “Day in the Life” shoot I did with Maja and her family.

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    My Family ~ For Gemma

    A very personal family Photofilm I made specifically for my wife. Come and have a peak into the crazy world of my kids…..through 2015.

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    Family Photo shoot Maja / One Year / A day in the life

    The Family Photoshoot of Maja as she continues to grow into a lovely toddler. Part of my Day in the Life series.

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    A new life – Why I love this picture

    A new life. I don’t think too many words need to be said to explain why I love this photograph.

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    Agata & Maja ~ Why I love this picture

    Maja & Agata ~ Why I love this picture. Part of my series looking in more depth at individual images that make me, as the photographer, smile.

  • Maja / 8 months / A day in the life

    Remember Maja? I photographed her being born….well, now she’s eight months old and here is an update to her story.

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    Natural Family Photography in London ~ Mum, Dad and Little A.

    I recently spent some time with Nick and Georgina and their gorgeous little baby daughter for a “Day in the Life” family photoshoot.

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    Birth Photography: Caesarean

    In June I had the opportunity to document the very beginning of life. A couple of “graphic” images, but a beautiful story told.